2 Person Hot Tubs

2 Person Hot Tubs | Hot Tubs for 2 People

2 person hot tubs can serve as the main event for a romantic evening. Jump into a 2 seater hot tub with your partner or just get a relaxing soak in after work. Feel the stress and tension melt away with Beachcomber’s one and only 510 Leep; the two-person hot tub with jets designed specifically for your back and your feet.

All of our two-seater hot tubs come with Beachcomber’s Leep package, meaning you’re afforded all of the following features:

  • UL Certified heatshield cover
  • Beachcomber’s free 100-day in-home trial
  • Beachcomber Guarantee
  • Britewerx Trim
  • FlexJet customization
  • All-motion hydrotherapy
  • Body contoured ergonomic design
  • All-active seating
  • Everlite LED Mood Lighting
  • Internal Eco-Pak
  • Eco3wall 100% cavity-sealed insulation upgrade
  • Perma-seal foundation

Small hot tubs vs. inexpensive hot tubs

Too many times people come in asking for small hot tubs (like a 2 person hot tub) and yet the truth is they’re really looking for something that’s more affordable for their budget. An important note to make is that small hot tubs don’t always mean the cheapest sticker price. The number of seats on a hot tub does not impact the price as much as some of the other options you have available.

Obviously, the brand is a big factor that goes into the price. You also need to consider the number of jets, the energy efficiency and the features and packages you include in your package. For example, the 340 Leep seats 5 people and will run you less than the 510 Leep for two people. To further our point, the 320 Leep seats 7 people and will run you less than the 340 Leep for 5 people because the 5 seater has double the number of Flexjet’s installed with the model.

It’s something to consider when you’re doing your homework on the different options that when combined, become the perfect spa for your needs.

There’s no denying the intimacy of a small hot tub. With less room for your spouse to run, hot tubs for two people become much more steamy with the “close quarters” setup. This can make for a blissful getaway on any day or night of the week.

The highest quality hot tubs served for two

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are one of the best purchases you’ll ever make for your home and your body. Enjoy the benefits of a hydrotherapy session or indulge in a romantic evening with your partner. Installing a small hot tub in your home or cottage will enhance your life in more ways than you thought possible.

All of our small hot tubs come with the Leep features package. This includes Beachcomber’s Free 100-day  in-home trial. If you don’t like it, you can always bring it back. This is trial is backed with an exclusive guarantee on every hot tub you buy from Beachcomber. Included in this warranty is a lifetime guarantee on defects (not including regular wear and tear).

Every person is different and it’s our mission to make sure you’re able to customize your investment to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a customized Flexjet arrangement, lighting or sound adjustments, we can help you find the best two-person hot tubs that match your needs.