11 Outdoor Fireplace Seating Ideas

stone bench as outdoor seating around a fire pit

Outdoor fireplaces are arguably one of the best parts of any outdoor space. The woodsmoke, the crackling logs, and the good conversations… It’s a part of summer we look forward to every year. Having functional and comfortable outdoor seating around the fire only adds to the enjoyment and comfort of fire pits and fireplaces, but picking a seating arrangement can be difficult. To make things easier, check out this list of eleven outdoor fireplace seating ideas. 

1. Rounded Sofas

Rounded sofas create a look that’s modern, cozy, and classic. They’re also extremely practical for those who like to entertain or for families that enjoy time by the fire. You can pair multiple curved sofas to create a full circle, a semi-circle, or a broken circle. 

rounded sofa is one of the outdoor fireplace seating ideas

Rounded sofas assume the practicality of benches and add a cozy, comfortable flair. Adding outdoor cushions and throw blankets adds to the coziness, and also extends the life of your fire pit experience into the colder fall months. 

2. Adirondack & Muskoka Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a classic, go-to choice as far as outdoor fireplace seating ideas are concerned. They’re comfortable, sturdy, and practical for holding drinks and plates on the wide armrests. Muskoka chairs are the Canadian counterpart and are arguably an improved version of the two. (Decide for yourself when you read our article on the difference between Adirondack and Muskoka chairs)

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The look of Adirondack chairs alone brings people to happier, outdoorsy places, which makes them an even better addition to the outdoor fireplace-whether you live downtown or out in the woods. 

3. Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are a cheap and functional DIY seating option for outdoor fireplaces. If you live on land or know someone who does, finding a tree to harvest is a fun treasure hunt. A few thick stumps are all you need to create a rustic and woodsy seating area around your fireplace. A varnish or glaze can help keep your stumps safe from rot and water damage and give them a pleasant sheen. 

tree stumps around a fire pit
Image source: Eshow Magazine

4. Wicker Furniture

Similar to the effect of wood, outdoor wicker furniture gives a rustic but modern effect to your outdoor fireplace area. Wicker furniture also comes in a variety of styles, like chairs, couches, and loveseats, which allows you to completely customize the look of your outdoor space and its functionality. Cushions and pillows can be added, which heightens customization options even more. 

5. Circular Benches

Circular benches are great options for outdoor fireplace seating areas for a variety of reasons. They’re practical for seating large amounts of people, they’re customizable in look and design, and the curved shape adds a unique look to your outdoor fireplace. Material-wise, you have plentiful options. Wood, wicker, outdoor rope, stone, and even metal. The finishes are adjustable as well, with cushion options and colours varying by manufacturer. 

6. Rocking Chairs

Bring the lake anywhere with a few rocking chairs circling your outdoor fireplace. The traditional wood rocking chairs look rustic and classic encircling a wood-burning fireplace, but other material options look great, too. 

Modern options like tough plastic or mixed materials give the look a slightly more stylish feel, while still keeping to their rustic roots. Rocking chairs are a fun and functional option for people of all ages, and with seat pads and cushions, you can create looks unique to your personal style.

Swivel rocker from copacabana
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7. Swivel Chairs

Outdoor swivel chairs combine the fun of rocking chairs with a beneficial swivelling ability. This is especially nice for fireplace chats, as you can turn to face whoever you’re speaking to. As another plus, swivel chairs make it that much easier to avoid the ever-changing direction of the smoke your fire emits. Swivel chairs are commonly made out of metal, but you can customize their final look with spray paint and colourful cushions. 

8. Swinging Bench

Porch swings aren’t limited to porches, nor should they be. A swinging bench is a cozy and comfy addition to any outdoor fireplace seating arrangement, whether you opt for one, two, or even three. 

Image source: https://www.instructables.com/Hanging-Fire-Pit/

As a bonus, some swinging benches are created with an overhang, which makes them functional even in slightly inclement weather. Most outdoor swings are made from wood or metal materials, but you can further customize the final look with some DIY tricks if desired. 

9. Plush Chairs and Sofas

If comfort takes priority for you, plush outdoor furniture is what you need. Look for thick, durable cushions on the bottom and back of sofas or chairs to get that cozy comfort. Plush padded furniture gives your outdoor fireplace a homey, cozy feel, especially if you add pillows and a few throw blankets. 

plush deep seating is perfect for outdoor
Coral Gables by Ratana – See more deep seating ideas

10. Rock and Stone

For a truly unique look, use large rocks as chairs around your outdoor fireplace. The rugged look of rocks adds interest to your outdoor space, as well as a more natural look that can easily blend into your surroundings if you’re looking for something subtle. River rocks can create stunning benches and seating pillars when combined with some concrete or mortar. Any stone of your preference can play a part in your outdoor fireplace seating ideas, however big or small. 

Image source: https://freshpatio.com/outdoor-fire-pit-seating-ideas/

11. Dual-Purpose Seating Options

Dual-purpose seating options typically combine a seating spot with a storage area or a place to stack wood for the fire. Not only is this type of seating extremely practical, but it also has an interesting and unique look. 

Benches with hollow bottoms can store wood, marshmallow sticks, and blankets. With a whole set of these dual-purpose seating options, you’ll be able to store and protect anything you’d like near your fireplace. 

Dual purpose seating by the fire pit
Image source: https://nextluxury.com/home-design/outdoor-fire-pit-seating-ideas/


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