How to Position a Cantilever Umbrella

how to position a cantilever unbrella

Outdoor living is a valued summertime activity. The cool breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the feeling of warmth on your skin are all things to treasure. However, sometimes it becomes too hot to stay outside for very long and the slightest gust of wind can threaten to send you running indoors. While you can take a seat and relax inside, there is still one thing missing that causes the problem.

A cantilever umbrella can provide the perfect solution to this problem. It features a large, sunshade canopy over the entire porch. This canopy provides a safe, cool environment while giving you a great view of the outdoors. You can easily enjoy the fresh air and feel the sun’s warmth on your skin. It’s an incredible addition to any patio furniture collection.

How to set up your cantilever umbrella

To use a cantilever umbrella correctly, you have to have some knowledge about its construction. The first thing you will notice about a cantilever umbrella is the blades. The canopy is comprised of many straight, long blades that are evenly spaced out. They allow the wind to flow around it and move the air under its canopy.

The frame is where people have problems with setting up a cantilever umbrella. Many knobs and screws attach the cover and the frame to each other. This makes it easy for you to adjust the canopy and make it fit in the desired location.

When you are ready to use your cantilever umbrella, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that it is positioned correctly.

1. Find the perfect location

The first thing you need to do is find the perfect location for your umbrella. Ideally, you should find a spot that gets direct sunlight for most of the day. However, it would help if you also made sure that the location is not too windy. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect spot:

  •  Look for an area away from trees or other tall objects. These can block the sun and cause the umbrella to be less effective.
  •  If you have a patio or deck, try to find a spot close to the edge. This will provide more stability for the umbrella.
  •  If you are using the umbrella at the beach, ensure it is in a spot that is not too close to the water.

2. Set up the base

The base is what keeps the cantilever umbrella in place. It is important to choose a sturdy base that can support the weight of the umbrella. You should also make sure that the base is positioned on a level surface. Click here to view our 50lb cast iron base.

3. Extend the canopy

Once the base is in place, you can extend the canopy. The blades of the umbrella should be evenly spaced out. You can use the crank to raise or lower the canopy as needed.

4. Adjust the angle of the canopy

The angle of the canopy can be adjusted to provide more or less shade. To adjust the angle, you will need to use the tilt function. This is usually a knob or lever that is located on the pole of the umbrella.

5. Secure the umbrella in place

Once the canopy is in the desired position, you can secure the umbrella in place. Most umbrellas have a locking mechanism that will keep them from moving.

When you are ready to use your cantilever umbrella, it is important to take the time to position it correctly. This will ensure that you get the most use out of it and that it provides the maximum amount of protection.

What are the Mounting Options For Cantilever Umbrella?

#1. Wall Mount

The best and strongest mounting option for a cantilever umbrella is a vertical wall mount. This is the most common option, as it is simple and stylish for any outdoor living space. The wall mount allows the cantilever umbrella to be designed with a curved or straight design. The most common mounting choices come with two brackets. Some wall mounts have a slanted bracket that allows for multiple angles for the cantilever umbrella.

#2. Cantilever Umbrella With Pole Mount

This type of cantilever umbrella is truly unique and looks great with a porch or patio. It is easy to install and allows the user to control the angle of the canopy. The pole mount is the best option for high winds and the user can adjust it to almost any angle. These are ideal for pool umbrella placements, as they allow you to bolt them down directly to a pool deck. You can also choose from different styles of pole mount, such as square or round pole mount.

#3. Freestanding Cantilever Umbrella

This is a stand-alone option for your umbrella. This does not require any mounting hardware to be installed and relies on the weight of the base to keep it stable. It is the best option for rental properties because it is portable and can be relocated quickly. However, the mounting brackets are typically required, and not ideal for windy areas. It is also the only option for a straight cantilever umbrella design.

#4. Cantilever In-Ground Umbrella

They are mounted by digging a deep enough hole for the base. A concrete pad is necessary to keep the base from sinking too far into the ground. This provides greater stability and also prevents any wobbling. It is the best option for windy areas and weather conditions. They can also be made with a curved or straight canopy design.

SR-27s Cantilever umbrella positioned over a couch and coffee table
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What are the Benefits of Cantilever Umbrella?

#1. Excellent for Commercial Installs

Due to the great design, a cantilever umbrella can be installed almost anywhere, making it a very popular choice for commercial properties. It is an excellent choice for restaurants, hotels, and outdoor cafes. When it comes to cantilever patio umbrellas, they come in a variety of great shapes, styles, and sizes to fit any needs.

#2. They are convenient

A cantilever umbrella is a great option for poolside installations because you can set it up quickly and then be done with it. They are also easy to move when you need to, so you do not need to worry about storage. It is also worth noting that they are flexible and adjust quickly. They can rotate 360 degrees, tilt, and move around according to your needs.

#3. Excellent shade coverage

When it comes to shade coverage, you can rely on a cantilever umbrella to provide great protection. They are larger than a typical umbrella because of the way they are designed. They cover a larger area with less wind resistance and provide better protection. This results in more shade coverage and less pool wear on your patio or deck.

#4. It provides shade from strong sunlight throughout the day. 

Harmful UV rays from the sun can play havoc on skin and eyes. The cantilever umbrella blocks the sun from coming directly down onto your head, neck, and shoulders. Without any outdoor shade, you may feel that you have to stay inside, but now you can enjoy your backyard.

#5. Protect your patio furniture

When the sun beats down on patio furniture, it can cause fading and damage the fabric. By placing a cantilever umbrella over your outdoor furniture, you can keep them protected for an extended period. This is especially beneficial if you have expensive patio furniture that you want to keep in pristine condition.

#6. It can be used as a windbreaker

If you live in an area with high winds, a cantilever umbrella can provide some much-needed protection. The blades of the umbrella will deflect the wind away from your patio area. This can keep outdoor furniture from blowing around and becoming damaged.


A cantilever umbrella is a great choice for your outdoor living space. It offers great protection from sunlight and wind, as well as ideal shade coverage for your needs. They are available in various styles and designs and you can choose one that is right for you.

There are several mounting options, which give you a variety of choices when it comes to placement. When shopping for your cantilever umbrella, you will want to make sure that you choose one that is durable, rust resistant, and made with good quality materials. All images above are courtesy of Treasure Garden.


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