Four Tips to Make the Most of Outdoor Living in 2018!

A well-designed and built outdoor space adds invaluable living space to your home and provides a seamless transition from your indoor living space. At Canadian Home Leisure, we’re passionate about helping you optimize your home! So, in continuation of: Create Your Dream Backyard Space in 2018, here are four more tips to maximize your outdoor living in 2018!

Determine How You Want to Use the Space

Having a clear vision for your outdoor space is crucial to achieving a finished result that you’ll love and will serve you well for years. So, determine whether you’re creating a functional lounge, dining space or just a fun outdoor entertaining area.

The ideal outdoor space should be multifunctional: if you want a quiet place to read a book or an outdoor space for a family gathering, your backyard can handle both.

Consider Sun Exposure

When planning your outdoor oasis, it’s important to take into account how much sun the area gets. Pergolas, awnings and gazebos are all great sources of shelter from the weather and come in a variety of styles and colours to match your design for the space.

You’ll also want to take sun exposure into consideration when choosing what material you’d like to use for your patio, if you choose to have one laid. With stone, light colours, such as limestone, can be great options as they don’t absorb as much heat as their darker counterparts. On hot summer days, a cool patio helps make the space more comfortable and refreshing for use.

Incorporate Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems can be used both in and outside of a home. In terms of your backyard,  radiant heating systems can be utilized to heat your patio and walkways in the colder months. So, if you could benefit from an ice-free path to your hot tub or barbeque or just want to keep your patio free of snow, radiant heating systems can make this a reality.

An important detail with radiant heating systems is that they must be installed under the patio itself, so it’s ideal to install such a system if you’re looking to replace aging patio or putting in one for the first time.


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