Create Your Dream Backyard Space in 2018

A new year has begun! 2017 is complete and 2018 has commenced. For many, the start of a new year is an opportunity to reflect on the year gone past and set new goals for this fresh start. If increasing the use of your outdoor space, is a goal for you this year, the following tips will help you transform your backyard into your dream space!

Maximize Your Deck or Patio

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, allocating more of your backyard to the deck or patio creates space for an outdoor kitchen, dining area and room to just relax. Whether you’re relaxing and enjoying a barbeque with friends in the summer or enjoying hot chocolate around a bonfire in the winter, proper patio space enables you to have multiple spaces to serve different purposes and still allow people to move around freely.

Go for Quality not Quantity

Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture must not only endure the wear and tear of people but also weather conditions. Rain, snow and ice can all threaten the durability of your furniture, leaving it looking worn and faded. In addition to opting for higher quality pieces, invest in covers for them. Covering outdoor tables and chairs, when they’re not in use, is a great way to protect them from the elements and keep them looking pristine for years to come!

Depending on how you plan on utilizing your backyard, lots of furniture isn’t even necessary. For instance, if your outdoor space will mainly be used as an outdoor retreat for you or your family, as opposed to entertaining or large parties, then a more minimalistic approach to your furniture is great.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you have experience with backyard projects and planning a less technical patio or deck design, professional help may not be needed; however, if you lack the knowledge and equipment for the task, hiring a professional is ideal. This will ensure the job is done in a timely manner and correctly!

At Canadian Home Leisure, we want you to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest, which is why we offer a wide selection of outdoor furniture and appliances to make your experience the best possible!


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