Can I Barbeque in the Winter?

Enjoying the delicious flavours of correctly barbequed food is one of my favourite aspects of summer. If you’re anything like me, that good cooking is missed when winter rolls around. With the cold temperatures, many of us cover up the barbeque and resign ourselves to wait until the warmer temperatures invite us to come out and fire-up the grill again!

But what if we didn’t have to wait until the end of winter to barbeque? Use the following tips to successfully barbeque in the winter!

Re-Position Your Cooking Area

Since winter weather is far from ideal for barbequing, the grilling process will become significantly easier if you can identify the direction the wind is blowing and choose a location that best shelters your barbeque from any winter blusters. 

Depending on where you barbeque was located in the summer, it may be able to just stay in the same spot.

Give Your Grill More Time to Warm-Up

Warming up the grill is important throughout the entire year; however, this process takes longer in the chillier months. Every grill is slightly different but allocating an additional five minutes to allow the grill to warm-up ensures your grill’s temperature will be suitable for cooking. 

Make Sure to Preserve Your Heat!

Since the outdoor air will be very cold and potentially below zero, keep the lid on the grill down and the vents open. Every time you open the grill it loses heat. 

Adjust Your Cooking Time

With the colder temperatures, it’s important to adjust your cooking time accordingly. A good rule of thumb is, add 20 minutes of cooking time per pound for every five degrees BELOW 45 degrees F. 

Choose Your Meat Accordingly

In winter weather, opting for quick cooking cuts minimizes the amount of time you’ll spend in the cold tending to your food. 

Thinner or smaller cuts of meat will cook quickly over a high fire. Thin steaks, pork loins, chicken breasts and kabobs grill to perfection in just a few minutes.

Here at Canadian Home Leisure, we can provide you with high-quality barbeques, so you can enjoy your favourite meals on the grill regardless of the season!


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