Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is a great way to add character to your backyard and make the space more functional for entertaining friends and family. So how do you choose the best patio furniture for your home?

Start by Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a necessary starting point as it enables you to create a vision for your outdoor space. For example, will outdoor cooking and eating be the main focus of this space? If this is the case, an outdoor dining table with an umbrella or gazebo for shade would be very important. However, if your vision is a space to enjoy evening cocktails with friends and family, an outdoor table may be unnecessary.

Consider Storage

Storage is a key feature in optimizing your furniture’s lifespan. Storing away your furniture when it’s not in use prevents damage from harsh weather. Here are some of the ways the weather can damage your outdoor furniture:

  • Over time the sun’s rays can cause the colour to fade on outdoor couch cushions or paint on table or chairs to fade;
  • With wooden furniture, storage prevents damage from the sun and the rain, which causes discolouration, fading and the stripping of paint.
  • Wood exposed to heat over a long-time can become warped and lose its original shape.

 Be Colour Conscious

Picking functional furniture pieces is very important; however, the colour of the furniture adds feeling and character to your backyard. Colour is a great way to express your personality.

Invest in Quality

Although poorer quality will allow you to purchase outdoor furniture at a cheaper price, the products are more likely to break down faster. Investing in higher-quality products ensures you have products that won’t break down or lose their colouring with proper treatment.


If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space or design one from scratch, keep these tips in mind to pick out the ideal furniture. Here at Canadian Home Leisure we offer some of the best-quality products on the market!


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