Make the Most of Your Sunroom Space

Sunrooms can be a great addition to a home. These structures increase your home’s functionality, provide a good view of your outdoor space and connect your interior and exterior space together beautifully. The potential uses of these versatile spaces are mainly limited by your imagination. Here are four creative ways to make use of a sunroom.

Hot Tub Room

After a stressful day at work, enjoying a relaxing soak in your hot tub is a well-earned reward. A sunroom enables you to enjoy your hot tub and take in the surrounding views of Mother Nature, minus the bugs and potentially bad weather (i.e., wind, rain, snow etc.). Certain weather situations that would prevent you from using your backyard hot tub, are no longer an issue with this feature.

If you are planning on putting your hot tub in a sunroom, make sure to consider space, plumbing and ventilation requirements.

Play Area for Kids

A sunroom can also make a great play space for children. Many homes are not child-proof and have objects that could either be broken by kids or cause them bodily harm. Turning your sunroom into a designated play area, provides a part of the house that is safer for them to play in.

Space Dedicated to Relaxation

Whether it’s work or family, life comes with many responsibilities. Having a place you can go to escape and get time to yourself is important to living a balanced lifestyle and staying stress-free.

A sunroom can make the perfect place to carry out your favourite hobby or past-time or engage in other calming activities, such as yoga.

Homeschool Space

A sunroom can even make a nice peaceful room for parents interested in homeschooling their kids. And as kids get older, the space once dedicated to being a play room can easily be transformed into a great study space, to complete homework.  


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