Designing a Yard around Your Hot Tub

A hot tub is more than just a relaxing place to soak. With a clear vision and design, it can be the focal point of your backyard and center of outdoor entertainment.  To successfully integrate a hot tub into your backyard design, consider the following points.

Consider Privacy

In many scenarios, backyard hot tubs are in view of surrounding neighbours. When determining your hot tub’s location in your backyard, privacy is something you want to consider.

For example, if your hot tub will be on a deck, privacy screens can be incorporated into your deck’s design to conceal your hot tub from prying eyes. Another way to obscure your hot tub from surrounding homes could be placing it under a structure like a gazebo or a pergola.

Provide a Strong Base

Hot tubs are extremely heavy, so when determining where your hot tub will rest, ensure it’s a strong, stable surface. Concrete bases are often recommended as they are sturdy, can handle water and, if installed correctly, won’t shift with time.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Surrounding your hot tub with plants is a great way to add a natural feel. Taller shrubs and trees can also be an effective way of obscuring your hot tub from other’s view.

When choosing any type of foliage for your backyard, make sure to consider the climate in which you live. Evergreen trees can make a great option as they stay green year around, which allows you to reap their privacy and aesthetic benefits throughout the entire year.

To realize your vision for your outdoor space, proper research is required. Here at Canadian Home Leisure, we make that research process easier by providing you with a wide variety of top-quality outdoor furniture.


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