Are You Ready for Fall Barbecuing

For all of you planning on covering up the barbecue, come end of the summer, you are missing out on all that the fall season has to offer your barbecuing experience. Cooler temperatures make standing over a flaming grill a much more pleasant experience and fall comes with a variety of seasonal foods that can be delicious when prepared on the barbecue. As the summer begins to wrap up, here are some of the barbecuing trends we can look forward to enjoying in the fall season.

Seasonal Foods

With a change in seasons comes a change in family dishes and foods offered at social gatherings. Many popular fall dishes can benefit from the smoky flavours that a barbecue adds. For example, thanksgiving is a major fall holiday and is often associated with grand meals. Take a different spin on your thanksgiving dishes by taking to the barbecue instead of the oven. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin, cabbage and cauliflower, can be grilled on the barbecue. Grilling your vegetables helps remove much of the mess often experienced with roasting them and has even more flavour. Before sticking your veggies on the grill, they can be lathered in olive oil, salt and pepper or other seasonings of your choice, for additional flavouring.

Incorporate Your Favourites

Regardless of the season, there are some foods that just don’t go out of style. Use this fall to try family favourites on the barbecue. For instance, homemade pizza takes on a new taste when done on the grill. Toppings can even be grilled separately before being added to the bread.

Even pies can be cooked on the barbecue. A grill thermometer helps keep an even temperature to ensure your barbecue maintains a consistent temperature as your pie is readied.


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