Is Your Patio Furniture Prepared for the Fall?

With the fall season on the horizon, are you preparing to move your entertaining in doors? With shorter, colder days, fall weather isn’t as appealing as summer for enjoying your backyard entertaining space. So, how will you store your patio furniture until next summer to prevent it from getting damaged and worn out?

Give Your Furniture a Thorough Cleaning!

How to Best Clean Your Cushions

If your cushions consist of covers that can be unzipped, take them off and put them through the washing machine to remove any dirt they may have accumulated over the summer season.

Consider Adequate Storage

Storing your furniture throughout the offseason is optimal to avoid surfaces being damaged, colour fading and the development of mold and bacteria. Some storage options available for your furniture are:

  • Place in a Shed: A shed or some other form of outdoor shelter is a great way of protecting your furniture from harsh weather and keeping it safe and clean until next summer season.
  • Utilize a cover: If you do not have a shed or storage space to accommodate your patio furniture, a cover can be an effective option. Covers can effectively protect your furniture from harsh weather and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading of colour.
  • Bring all Cushions Indoors: Although the main furniture pieces can be stored outdoors, ensure that you remove any cushions and covers that come with the pieces and store them indoors. You will appreciate not having your patio cushions torn or damaged by outdoor critters or developing an unpleasant smell due to outdoor odours getting trapped in the cloth.



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