Create the Game Room Of Your Dreams

For many of us, our main floor is a space dedicated to being as functional as possible to meet our daily needs. From preparing meals in the kitchen to the dining that is taken over by studying or a parent trying to get work done. These are just some of the reasons why the basement can be an ideal space for fun and entertainment.

Make Good Use of the Square Footage

Although we would all love to fill our basement with our favourite games, space restrictions don’t always make such desires feasible. When considering which gaming tables to include in your basement, think about whether or not they will fit the space. Bringing in tables that are too big for the space can make your basement feel smaller and crowded. Use your space wisely!

You will want approximately three to five feet of space between your gaming table and the surrounding walls.

Lighting is Key

When it comes to your games room, don’t overlook lighting. This feature plays a big role in how you and any guests may have over, will enjoy the gaming experience.

Making use of different types of lighting can also be an effective way to achieve the desired result. For instance, placing a billiard or shuttle board table under task lighting (brighter more direct lighting) and then having ambient lighting used throughout the rest of the space can be a great way to draw attention to the desired areas and provide quality lighting for games.

Incorporate Suitable Furniture

With any entertaining area, choosing the right furniture is also of utmost importance. Choosing pieces that are multi-purposed by nature can be highly effective. At Canadian Home Leisure we offer game room furniture, such as table and chair sets, that serve as a great place to enjoy a meal or drinks and just as easily allow for you to enjoy a poker game with family and friends!


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