Easy Smoker Pork Shoulder Recipe

Everyone loves a good roast and if you’ve got a backyard smoker and a slab of pork shoulder lying around, you can make one yourself. Here’s a recipe you can use to cook up a juicy pork shoulder in one of Canadian Home Leisure’s smokers.

This recipe is a simple smoked pork recipe that only involves the meat, some spices, and the pork itself. No fumbling around with injections, tools, or wrapping to have it come out perfectly tender during a fun backyard barbeque.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 8-10 pound bone-in pork shoulder roast AKA Boston butt

2-3 tablespoons yellow mustard

¼ cup sweet BBQ rub

1 tablespoon of sweet BBQ rub (for later use)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees F (107 degrees C) for indirect smoking.
  2. Remove your roast from packaging and wipe it down on all sides with paper towels. Clean off all small bone fragments and extra liquid on the exterior.
  3. Slather entire exterior of the pork shoulder with yellow mustard.
  4. Season your pork roast on all sides, top and bottom, with the BBQ rub. Do not worry about rubbing seasoning in; just ensure that pork is liberally coated.
  5. Place seasoned roast on smoker fat side up. Place it in the middle of the grate to avoid direct hotspots.
  6. Close the lid and smoke pork until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 195 degrees F (90 degrees C). If you like softer pork, you can cook it up to 210 degrees F (98 degrees C). This process can take anywhere between 15-20 hours depending on the consistency of heat in your smoker and the size of your pork shoulder.
  7. Remove pork shoulder from smoker and wrap tightly in foil. Allow roast to rest for at least an hour before shredding.
  8. Pull apart the shoulder and discard any chunks of fat or gristle. Sprinkle the roast with an additional tablespoon of BBQ rub.
  9. Serve and enjoy.

A backyard smoker can make some of the most delicious meals and BBQ for you, your family, and guests. Canadian Home Leisure is your best source for name brand indoor and outdoor furniture and amenities. Impress your neighbors with culinary delights and delicacies with your new smoker from Canadian Home Leisure.

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Pros and Cons of Retractable Awnings vs. Umbrellas

Pros and Cons of Retractable Awnings vs. Umbrellas

Looking for shade solutions for your home can be a difficult task. The choice usually comes down to either a retractable awning or an umbrella, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for home shade solutions for the upcoming summer, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the pros and cons of retractable awnings and umbrellas to help you make the best decision for your home.

Retractable Awnings:

Retractable awnings are becoming more and more popular in residential areas. This is because they offer great shelter, space, and shade. Retractable awnings tend to be quite larger and cover more space than umbrellas do which makes for more shade. Because of their larger span and coverage, they are also able to offer sufficient protection for anything beneath it whether its people, pets, or furniture. In addition to this, retractable awnings tend to have longer lives than umbrellas, add value to the property, and offer more ground space as they do not require vertical poles. They are also safe for children, and are extremely easy to use.

One criticism that awnings usually receive is that they are very expensive. This is true—a retractable awning will cost more than an umbrella—however, it is important to realize that a household can save more money in the long term in exchange for dealing with a more costly investment upfront. Awnings block the sun’s heat before they enter your home, allowing the AC to cool your home more efficiently .

Many people do not choose retractable awnings for their homes because it is sometimes very difficult to find an appropriate space for them. Awnings need to be placed in spaces that support the awning’s entire length and in spaces that actually need shade cover (such as the front or back yard). Sometimes this is impossible due to  the placement of windows. If not placed in appropriate areas, awnings can either look strange or be useless to a household. If the home is a rental property, you might not even be allowed to install a retractable awning and the investment itself would be wasted if you were to move. In addition to this, retractable awnings are unable to be relocated once they are installed, they can only be removed entirely, and are inconvenient to clean and maintain.


Using a simple umbrella in your space can have many more immediate advantages than a retractable awning. Umbrellas provide excellent UV protection from the sun and other elements, cost less, are movable and customizable, and tend to last a decent amount of time. Umbrellas also usually come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to suit your needs and aesthetic choices. If you purchase a high quality umbrella, they are easy to operate, are made from durable materials, and are easy to clean.

Although this may sound like the easy option, one must also consider the disadvantages and weigh them against the retractable awning option. It may be true that umbrellas come in beautiful shapes, colours, and designs; however, they still might be an eyesore and an unwanted element in an otherwise tranquil area. They also take up much more ground space because they require vertical poles, get in the way of free motion, and can be difficult at times to set up—especially if you are setting it up alone.

In the end, there are pros and cons to both retractable awnings and umbrellas. Consider the facts above and weigh your options in a way that is appropriate for your lifestyle and necessities. If you are looking for a new patio umbrella or awning, drop by Canadian Home Leisure and check out our wide selection. Take advantage of our No Sales Tax offer going on right now! Call us at 905.430.9965 or 855.430.965, or email to info@canadianhomeleisure.ca for more information.


How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Safely

Hot tub safety is a factor that usually gets overlooked when people purchase hot tubs for recreational use. However, there are a few dangers that could take place while using a hot tub. If you already own a hot tub or are looking into purchasing one, this article will acquaint you with the possible dangers that you can prevent.

Drowning Children.

If you have children or know that children will be around while a hot tub is in use, be sure that they are never unattended. Drowning is the leading cause of preventable death in children. To avoid drowning, always be cautious and attentive of children and have them supervised by an adult.

Length of Hot Tub Use.

Hot tubs are meant to induce relaxation, which can sometimes make users confused about how long they’ve been in the hot tub/ how long they should stay in. Although the feeling is warm and comforting, do not stay in a hot tub for extended periods of time. Not only can this cause dizziness, light-headedness, and confusion upon exiting the hot tub but there is also a greater chance of a user falling asleep and potentially drowning if they stay in for too long.

Body Entrapment.

The function of a hot tub is for water to be drained from the bottom of the pool, circulate through heating units, and be brought back into the hot tub. These drains are very powerful and have caused body parts to be sucked into them, holding a person under water. In the event of body entrapment, be sure to know where the emergency cut-off switch is located and remove body part immediately.

Hair Entanglement.

Hair entanglement is similar to body entrapment where long hair, instead of body parts, gets trapped in a drain or suction in the hot tub. This can cause the person to be held underwater and potentially drown. If hair gets entangled or trapped, follow the same procedure as body entrapment.

As with all activities, when it comes to enjoying a hot tub, health and safety should be everyone’s highest priority. It doesn’t take much more than common sense to ensure safety in a hot tub. Now that you know the potential dangers of hot tubs, prepare yourself and others for them and enjoy hot tubs safely and responsibly.

Canadian Home Leisure supports healthy and safe use of all hot tubs. If you are looking for exceptional hot tubs and hot tub experts, Canadian Home Leisure is here to help. Contact Canadian Home Leisure for great offers and solutions for all your hot tub needs at 905.430.9965 or info@canadianhomeleisure.ca.


How To Maintain Your Hot Tub

If you own a hot tub, you already know of its many benefits. All that’s left to learn is how to maintain your hot tub so it can continue to benefit you. Although hot tub maintenance may not be the easiest endeavor, it will ensure that your hot tub remains in good condition for a longer period of time. By following these few steps, you can ensure your hot tub longevity and a great experience with your hot tub.

Refinish Wood Surfaces

If you have an older hot tub or a new one with wood finishing, the most important thing to do to stretch your hot tub’s life is to refinish the wood surfaces once a year. Especially in places with varying temperatures and weather patterns, refinishing the wood is essential for protecting it from water damage. Make a quick trip to your home improvement store and get supplies to refinish all wood surfaces so that you have a protected and beautiful hot tub.

Clean The Filter

Every hot tub’s filter should be cleaned every three to four months. If buildup is not removed from the filter, your hot tub’s water will be unfiltered and dirty. It can also cause problems with the actual overall hot tub system. You can clean your filter by using a standard hose to spray it down. If this does not work however, you can purchase filter cleaning solutions.

Inspect Your Safety Cover

Your safety cover is an important element in maintaining your hot tub. Be sure that you inspect if monthly checking for wear and tear that may need to be addressed. Also be sure to wash it down once a month to maintain cleanliness in your hot tub.

Drain and Refill Appropriately

When to comes to draining and refilling, every hot tub is different. Be sure to read any directions that come with the unit and talk to your dealer to get the best information for your hot tub’s needs. While doing this, also be sure to balance out the chemicals properly for safe use.
Be sure you are using your hot tub safely. Don’t allow what may seem like minor slip ups in maintaining your hot tub turn into major damages in the future. Preserve your hot tub’s life by following the above tips and you’ll be enjoying your unit for years and years to come.

If you are interested in purchasing a hot tub, contact Canadian Home Leisure at 905.430.9965 or email us at info@canadianhomeleisure.ca. We can help you find the best unit for you and your home.

barbecue cleaner available at canadian home leisure

Tips to Clean Barbecue Grill: How to Get Ready For The Season

Spring is here and it’s almost time to enjoy fun and lazy weekends with family and friends in your backyard, barbecuing for your loved ones. But are you ready with all your barbecue equipment and grill? If not, it’s time to get them out this weekend and clean them up before you invite friends over.

Here are few steps to help you get your barbecue grill ready for the season:

Clean the burner and tubes.
Make sure the propane tank is turned off. Remove the briquettes and cooking grates, and carefully detach the gas tubes and burner. Clean the tubes with warm, soapy water and towel dry. Wipe the burner clean with a damp cloth. Towel dry the gas ports on the burner.

Wash the grill.
First, cover the gas valves with aluminum foil to protect the connections from corrosion. Wash the grill’s interior and exterior surfaces with a long-handled stiff-wire grill brush and warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry, then reattach the gas tubes and burners.

Clean the cooking grates.
Cool the grill after burning off the grease. Remove the briquettes and cooking grates and scrub the grates with a long-handled stiff-wire grill brush and warm, soapy water. Towel dry, then replace, along with the briquettes.

Stock fuel levels.
Check and replenish your propane or natural gas supply as necessary. Corroding and rusted tanks should be recycled.
And with these easy steps, you are ready for this season’s fun barbecue outings with family and friends.

If your barbecue has gone old and rusty, contact Canadian Home Leisure for great offers & solutions to meet your barbecue needs. Call us at (855) 430-9965, (905) 430-9965 or write to info@canadianhomeleisure.ca.


Patio Decor Ideas For The Spring

Warm days and breezy evenings are great times for relaxing with family and friends. Here are some ideas to create an inviting space for grilling, dining and entertaining family & friends.

– Add patio umbrellas to shade guests from the sun’s excesses. Coordinate them with your furniture and cushions or use them to add bold splashes of color. Finish with colorful outdoor pillows. Your guests will appreciate the comfort and look.

– Whether you want to relax around cool drinks or serve a meal, a bistro set gives your deck or patio the air of an outdoor cafe.

– Grilling doesn’t just mean burgers or steaks. Cook like a 5-star chef all season long with the latest innovations in grills.

– To shelter a large conversation or dining area, add a gazebo. These structures provide a feeling of closeness to guests while letting breezes in.

– Enjoy outdoors with friends and family without bothering about how harsh is the sun or how heavy is it raining outside, by simply adding awnings in your patio.

Canadian Home Leisure is privately owned and operated, and has been serving Durham Region and the surrounding area for over 28 years. Our specially trained staff is extremely knowledgeable about our products and services, and we take pride in offering the most outstanding customer service in the industry. Contact us today on our toll-free number: 1-855-430-9965 and we will help you set up your patio this spring.


How to De-Stress With a Hot Tub


Stress can come in all shapes and sizes, and for most of us, the options of dealing with our stress comes in the form of unhealthy choices; drinking, smoking, eating, and so on. How can we address our stress without bringing any of the questionable forms of relaxation into the mix? A hot tub will do the trick and you can reap the benefits of de-stressing in a hot tub by using it just a few times a week for 15-20 minutes.

The medical communities have addressed the issue of everyday stress and the harm it can do if it is not taken seriously and dealt with. It is widely recommended for a portion of the day, if it were to be spent in a relaxing and/or meditative manner, that the benefits would be amazing to the individual. Just getting into a hot tub can do the work of de-stressing for just about anyone and the great relief in being able to let go of some of the everyday stress is priceless.

What makes the idea of de-stressing with a hot tub and not just some quiet time is that when you sit in a hot tub, your blood is able to move more freely in your expanded veins and capillaries and your body is no longer being affected by 100% gravitational pull. The fact that your body is able to have a buoyant affect can take up to 30% of the pressure you carry around all day when you are not in a buoyant state that adds stress to your physical body all the time.

There are hot tubs that come with lounging chairs and are equipped with jets to blow water and air at any of your ailing parts that need the attention. Any number of hot tubs can be specifically and personally equipped to address any areas of your body that are particularly stressed. For some people it is their neck and back. There are hot tubs with just that de-stressing component in stalled; where the jets that are going to do the work on those parts of your body are custom-fit for a specific seat in the hot tub.

No matter where stress takes its toll, a hot tub will help the de-stressing process.

At Canadian Home Leisure, we strive to provide our clients with the best quality hot tub products available in the market today. We are proud to offer top-of-the-line hot tubs from industry leader – Beachcomber Hot Tubs. Get in touch for a great selection of hot tubs, pool tables, bar furniture, and even darts!


Things To Consider When Buying A Hot Tub

The thought of buying a hot tub is both, exciting and terrifying, at the same time. How tough is the maintenance of owning your own hot tub? What colour should you pick? It may seem to be as difficult as buying a car, but rest assured, it is not that difficult at all, and here are some tips to keep in mind to make the process of buying a hot tub, easier for you.

First decide on the size of the hot tub you’re looking for. How big is the space where the hot tub will be put? How many people do you intend to accommodate with your hot tub? Are you looking for an intimate, two person maximum or are you thinking more along the lines of the Roman baths and the more the merrier? Once you have determined the size you’re interested in, next, move on to the price.

There are hot tubs out there for $4,000 all the way up to $20,000 and everything in between! How much money are you thinking of spending? What can you afford? It’s very easy to get lost in what you think you can afford and what you really can so be extra careful.

Build & Quality
What material should you go with? Tubs today are made from two materials in most cases; wood or fiberglass reinforced plastic. When tubs are made from wood they are usually made from hard woods like, Cedar, Redwood or Teak which are all capable of handling the presence and effects of water well and these are more traditional-looking, if that is what you are looking for. Plastic tubs are lighter, they tend to leak less than their wooden counterparts and more often are able to have more comfortable seating and seating options.

The purchase of a hot tub can seem daunting but in the end, the benefits of your purchase will far outweigh any concerns you may have now. Get educated. Know what you’re looking for BEFORE going into a dealership and don’t get talked into something you can’t afford!

Canadian Home Leisure has been offering exceptional products in the Durham region & surrounding areas for over 28 years. We do all of the research in product sourcing so you don’t have to. Call us to find the best hot tubs at great prices. Or fill our form here and we’ll get in touch with you.



How to Throw the Best Halloween Party Ever!

How to Throw the Best Halloween Party Ever!

Halloween is just around the corner and this means many Halloween themed parties are on the horizon. Holding a party at your home or at an event hall is a great way to celebrate this fun day with friends and family. So, to ensure your Halloween party is a huge success, keep the following tips in mind!

Have a Genre

We all different styles of what a party is and it’s important to establish early-on, the angle your party will be taking. For instance, some people love the traditional Halloween costumes, while others take a Halloween party as an opportunity to dress up in something stylish. So, make sure to clearly communicate the tone in the invitation to people can prepare accordingly. 

Go Big with Décor

Decorations help to bring your intended theme to life, create the wow factor for your guests and even help promote the event–as people will share it on social media and tell friends and family about it. This aspect is especially important with corporate events, where a successful Halloween party could lead to new clients or partners.

Get the Right Music

 Nothing gets people in the party spirit faster than great music. With any party, music is a crucial part of creating the right atmosphere and much consideration should be put into the tracks on your Halloween party playlist.

When your playlist you’ll want to strike the ideal balance Halloween tunes and regular party tunes that will keep your audience having a good time throughout the entire event. Now, since it’s Halloween, it’s best to get the party started with Halloween classics, like Thriller, off with your head, etc.) and after approximately 30–45 minutes start transitioning into other party music of the non-Halloween variety, to keep the atmosphere lively.

Incorporate Surprises

Take your Halloween planning outside of the box, by incorporating spooky Halloween surprises for your guests. Not only will this add to the fun, but it also goes along with the Halloween theme. For example, you could have people in costumes tasked with jumping out and scaring guests!

Use This Advice to Host the Perfect Outdoor Thanksgiving!

Use This Advice to Host the Perfect Outdoor Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving makes a great occasion for friends and family to slow down the hectic pace of life and gather together to reconnect with one another. If your family normally holds Thanksgiving indoors, taking the festivities outdoors is a great way to capitalize on the good weather and utilize your outdoor space before it truly becomes cold outside.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Should weather conditions take a turn for the worst (heavy rain or the temperature gets too low), it’s a great idea to have indoor space prepared to house your guests. 

Consider Starting Earlier

Higher temperatures allow you to take advantage of more daylight and higher temperatures before the evening comes. For instance, starting Thanksgiving between 1:00 and 3:00 pm gives you plenty of light during your Thanksgiving dinner and your guests will likely be warmer. 

Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space

Entertaining guests outdoors in the fall requires some planning to maximize the appearance of your space and ensure everyone’s comfort. The following are details you’ll want to consider for your event.

  • Look into various ways to keep your outdoor space heated (e.g., fire pits, outdoor fireplaces or patio heaters). Since the temperature begins to drop much earlier in the fall, these additional sources of heat will be necessary. 
  •  Ensure your outdoor space looks its best by removing any dead plants from flower beds, consider adding a rug to your stone patio or artificial lights for the evening hours.  
  • With shorter days comes less lighting, which means some form of artificial lighting should be incorporated into your plans, so you and your guests can enjoy.



Maximizing Outdoor Living in the Fall

Maximizing Outdoor Living in the Fall

With great weather and long days, enjoying your outdoor living space in the summer is really quite simple; however, as the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder our desire to be outside is still there but a little bit more planning is required to prepare our outdoor spaces for the fall and winter season. Use these tips to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest this fall!

Incorporate Cosy Lighting

In the fall the days begin to get shorter and we lose more and more of the natural light that allows us to enjoy the outdoors well into the evening hours. Although they don’t replace the lighting offered by the sun, artificial lights are great ways to add brightness to your outdoor space, so you can continue to enjoy your evenings outside. 

Opt for Weather-Proof Furnishings

Harsh winds, rain and snow can be harsh on furniture–stripping it of paint and causing certain materials to crack or warp. Choosing furniture created from the durable material will drastically increase their lifespan and allow them to be used year-round.

Take Advantage of Weather Protection

Now, even with weather-proof furniture and great lighting, enjoying your outdoor living space in fall is still difficult if you’re exposed to the elements. To address this, the final topic we’ll discuss is weather protection. Structures such as gazebos, awnings and umbrellas are all effective ways of sheltering you and any guests you may have from bad weather. Depending on factors such as your budget and the size of your backyard, you may opt for just one form or weather protection or multiple. For instance, awnings and umbrellas are great for sheltering you from rain; however, gazebos come in a variety of forms and can provide excellent shelter from winds as well. 

At Canadian Home Leisure, we offer a wide variety of equipment for outdoor living, including umbrellas, awnings, gazebos, outdoor furniture, fire pits and more! For more information on the products we offer and how we can enhance your outdoor living space, click here

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

Walking into a patio furniture store can feel overwhelming. With all the styles and budgets to choose from, it’s hard to find the right mix of function and aesthetic. Thankfully, there are ways to narrow down the selection and identify furniture right for your home.

The first criterion you should address when shopping for patio supplies is the weather. Your climate should determine the materials you seek. For example, dry climates can splinter wood prematurely. As well, windy climates can blow lightweight furniture around.

Try to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials described below.

Wicker and Wood

Natural materials are stylish and comfortable; however, they require special treatment. Wood and wicker need weatherproofing and UV protection to prevent splintering, cracking and fading. Likewise, you should inspect the finish on all natural products. For wicker, specifically, check for looseness around the frame.

Steel and Iron

Alloy-framed furniture provides ultimate sturdiness, but you will need cushions to make it comfortable. Like natural products, steel and iron need treatment to prevent rusting. These days, most paints incorporate anti-rusting solutions, so you’ll likely find vibrant colours available. Just make sure that the finish is uniform and that all joints have been well-fitted. Unpainted and stripped areas can reduce the lifespan of the furniture.

Aluminum and Plastic

Unlike the previous materials, both aluminum and plastic are lightweight, rustproof and easy to maintain. Interestingly, these materials are cheapest too. You can leave this furniture out all year, but you may need to tie it down in a wind storm. Likewise, you need to ensure the furniture is not too flimsy and will not wobble under pressure.

Outdoor Furniture Buying Considerations

Space is a big factor when buying patio furniture—not just outside. Indoor storage space is necessary for cushions during rain and snow seasons. As for the patio itself, you need enough room to walk comfortably around the furniture. The rule “less is more” often applies. After all, your guests will want to frequent the barbeque and cooler without tripping over obstacles.

You will also want to consider the style of your outdoor living space. The benefit of using natural products is that they go well with almost any décor. Conversely, bright paints are hard to pair and complement. This is especially true with cushion sets you may want to purchase or replace after time. Matching fabrics with loud colours is not always easy.