Awesome Dart Games to Elevate Your Next Party

Darts can be a great form of entertainment to play with friends and family.  Here are four fun dart games to bring out at your next get-together.


The objective of this game is to “close” all your numbers – 20 down through 15 and bulls-eye – and finish with equal or more points than your opponent. You close a number by hitting three of that number.

Around the Clock

This is a simple game that is great to play with unexperienced dart players. The goal in each game is to become the first player to hit every number on the board (in order) with one dart.


Yes, for all you baseball fans out there, you can play baseball with darts. Baseball is another straightforward dart game to enjoy with your guests. This game can have as many players and teams as you would like. The goal is to score the most runs per inning. The highest score at the end of the game wins.


This is an easy dart game for you and your friends to play. The concept is simple so even the least experienced player can play and have fun. The game play starts with a score of 301, 401, 501, 601 or 1001. The goal is to get exactly zero by tossing three darts and subtracting the sum of those three throws from your current score.


Is your party full of skillful dart players? Mulligan may be the game for you. Although conceptually very easy to grasp, this game is no cake-walk. There is no restriction on how many players can play this game and the aim is to “close” six random numbers and the bullseye before your competitors.

Try these games at your next social and see how much fun you have! Read up on more detailed instructions to get a better sense of how to play the games.


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