Are You Prepared to Throw the Barbeque of the Summer?

The summer is fast approaching and before you know it barbeque season will be here again. You want to throw the barbeque that will bring your family and friends together and create those picture-perfect moments that will fondly be remembered for years to come. Here’s what you need to know!

Tips for Prepping and Cooking Your Food

Use Non-Reactive Bowls

When cooking make sure to use non-reactive bowls like stainless steel. They provide benefits such as:

  • They are dishwasher-safe;
  • They do not react to acidic ingredients;
  • They do not hold odours.

Brush the Grill When It’s Hot

Debris is easier to remove from the grill when it is hot, so preheat your grill before using a long-handled wire grill brush to keep your rack free of debris from previous meals.

Don’t Forget to Use Oil!

Even after you ensure your grill is clean, lean foods may stick when placed on the grill rack. To reduce the risk of your food sticking, oil prior to placing the food on it. The best method for this is hold oil-soaked paper towel with tongs and rubbing it on your grill rack.

Choose a theme for your barbeque

Now everyone enjoys a good barbeque, but add a theme and you have got yourself a party! For example, what about a Hawaiian Luau or Christmas in July? These are ways to bring another dimension of fun for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Provide Entertainment for Your Little Ones

Now we all appreciate and love the value that our little ones add to our lives, but occupying their attention is easier said than done. To create a barbeque that they will love as well, let’s throw in some more kid-friendly activities such as:

  • Badminton. 
  • Soccer. 
  • Or water gun fights.

The list of possible activities goes on and on but I think you get the idea. These are all ways to create an environment that’s not only enjoyable for you but your little ones as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll even grab a water gun yourself.

Incorporate these tips into your next barbeque and you’ll have a memorable event that will have your family and friends eager to come back for more!


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