Why Your House Needs a Sunroom

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the snowflakes falling, but without the cold, wet part? Or maybe sip your morning tea while taking in the beauty of your garden? If you are looking to revel in the nature of your yard while being protected from the elements, a sunroom is a great option for you.

So, What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a room–often an addition–on a house that allows for viewing of the surrounding outdoor space, while providing protection from the natural elements—snow, rain, wind or excessive amounts of sun.

Sunrooms come in two main types: three-season and four-season rooms.

  • Three-season rooms: Are built for use in the spring, summer and fall and generally not heated–limiting usable potential during winter.
  • Four-season rooms: Is built for use all year-round. These models incorporate insulated glass to retain heat in the colder months. The frame is also thermally broken, allowing for more efficient heating and cooling throughout the changes in seasons.

Here are some of the main uses of a sunroom and how it can work to meet your needs. 

Versatile Area

Sunrooms can meet a variety of needs depending on what you’re looking to gain from the space. Sunrooms are excellent for activities like those found below.

  • A greenroom: If you are passionate about gardening, sunrooms provide opportunity to partake in this hobby year-round. Ample sunlight and consistent temperatures make your sunroom the perfect space for the greenroom of your dreams.
  • A space to relax: Escape the rush of life. Sometimes we need to escape to a quiet space and enjoy a warm beverage and comfy chair or couch. Sunrooms are a great option for this space.
  • An exercise room: Get your daily exercise in a space that allows you to enjoy the pleasant views of your outdoor space at the same time.

Energy Efficient

Sunrooms capture the natural warmth and light provided by the sun, reducing the electricity needed to light and heat your sunroom.


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