7-Foot Pool Tables

At Canadian Home Leisure, our pool tables are hand-picked for those that appreciate the true billiards experience. Our 7-foot pool tables are made with slate playing beds and fashioned with the same sturdy wooden frame that you would find in any pool hall. You will find most of our 7-foot tables also come in 8-foot and 9-foot sizes. From sleek and modern to elegant and traditional, we have the right table for your home.

How to customize your bar-size pool table

A 7-foot pool table is the preferred choice for those who have limited space assigned to their playing area. It’s much more enjoyable to be able to have the freedom to move around the room to make shots. It can be frustrating and take away from the game if your cue keeps hitting the wall when you’re trying to strike the cue ball.

Keep in mind that the options you have for customizing your table goes beyond playing dimensions. As the focal point of your games room, consider the colour and style of your table.

Select the style of your table

Pair the table with your room by choosing a theme that you can enjoy. If you’re into the more traditional and elegant look, you may want to choose a table with thicker legs and claws at the bottom. 

If you’re into the more modern look, choose from one of the sleeker styles that have thinner legs and dark wood. This look also goes nicely for those trying to achieve a sporty vibe while creating the ultimate man cave. 

Choose the perfect colour of felt to bring the room together

As one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room, choosing the colour of the felt on your playing area can bring a room together. Choose from virtually any colour in the spectrum. Pay attention to any colour accents in your room that you may want to highlight.  

The more traditional style is to go with green felt. Don’t be afraid to stray from the norm and go with a colour that blends in nicely with the décor of your room. If your room is mainly neutral colours then you have more options to choose from.   

Keep in mind you’re not married to the felt colour forever. It will need replacing every two years (depending on how often you play) so you will have the opportunity to improve the look when that time comes. 

Pick your favourite style of pockets

At Canadian Home Leisure, you won’t find the coin-operated tables or pockets that return the balls to one area. Every table is made with quality leather pockets that are made to last the full lifetime of the table. While you don’t have a choice in the material, you can choose the colour and style that suits you best. 

Sometimes it’s the subtle details that complete an incredible look and make lasting impressions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy a 7-foot pool table?

A 7-foot pool table is a perfect size for anyone who doesn’t have the room to fit a larger table. The official size for leagues is 8-foot tables and professional tournaments are played on 9-foot tables. If you don’t have the right playing area, then a 7-foot slate table is the best option. 

What size room do I need to fit a 7-foot (bar size) pool table?

The rule of thumb is to add 2X your cue length to the pool table dimensions. A bar size billiards table is 39” X 78” and your cue length is usually 57-59” BUT you can use 48” if you have a small space. That means the smallest room to play comfortably is 175” X 135” or 14’7” X 11’3” 

How heavy is a 7-ft pool table?

On average, a seven-foot pool table is about 700 lbs. An 8-ft pool table is about 1000 lbs and a 9-foot table is 1300 lbs. As rare as they are, 10-foot tables are 1500 lbs. These are all assuming the tables have a slate playing bed and not the cheap stuff that weighs less and plays worse!