7 Tips For The Perfect Backyard Patio Furniture Arrangement

Tips for the perfect backyard patio furniture arrangement

Believe it or not, a little planning goes a long way. It’s good to do a little research to see what your options are for backyard patio furniture arrangements. Sometimes one or two tips can completely change your perspective and give you a solid grasp on designing the perfect outdoor living space.

And that’s what we’re here for!

There’s more to a good-looking backyard than just buying backyard patio furniture. So if you’re ready to start improving the look, feel and functionality of here are a few tips for planning your backyard furniture arrangements.

1. Plan for high traffic areas

One of the first things you’ll need to think of when planning your patio furniture arrangements is how you want traffic to flow. There’s no sense in making small spaces for people to pass through when it’s the only way to the door of the house.

Make sure you allow adequate spacing for people to comfortably travel to and from the different areas on your patio. The whole “Excuse me, pardon me” thing gets really old fast when you have a gathering or event in your backyard.

2. Create a corner to anchor your guests

You can create the feeling of security by creating a corner in a lounge area setting. Use two sofas or loveseats to corner off a section in your yard. One of the sofas will most likely be against a wall or fence and the other can be placed wherever is best to compliment your lounge area.

Create a corner with two loveseats in your backyard patio furniture arrangement

You can use a sectional sofa to create the same feeling. Place a coffee table or fire pit table as the focal point and you can use any type of single seating arrangement to complete the area. The corner seating is for those who want to be anchored in and the single seating is for those who plan on coming and going. Read our Propane Fire Pit Table Buyers Guide to make sure you choose the best option for your outdoor furniture layout.

Corner seating with a sectional couch and fire pit table

3. Create spaces with specific purposes

If your outdoor living space is large enough, you can create completely different “rooms” for different purposes. Separate the dining area from the tanning/relaxing section. Make your grilling area the furthest place from the lounging arrangement.

Separate sections for specific functions is the ideal outdoor furniture layout

Create a bistro with two upright chairs and a small bistro table (or side table) for sipping coffee in the morning watching the sunrise. This area would also be perfect for sipping wine in the evening watching the sunset!

Outdoor bistro table with two chairs

4. Huddle up using four chairs and a coffee table

Sometimes the most simple patio furniture layout ideas are the most effective. You can create a cozy lounge area that’s perfect for conversations and drinks using four chairs and coffee table.

Four chairs in a circle is a simple solution to creating a conversation setting

Deep seating is a great option for comfort and you only need a place for drinks to make this concept the perfect situation for entertaining guests.

5. Borrow outdoor furniture layout ideas from the pros

Shop around for different backyard patio furniture arrangements and take the best ideas from different sources. Use the basic concepts and ideas from the pros to that you love the most to match those ideas to your own space.

One Kings Lane provides a few basic templates for the most popular backyard patio layouts to stimulate your mind and give you some general concepts for designing your own yard.

Balcony arrangement

balcony furniture arrangement template layout

Deck Arrangement

deck furniture arrangement template

Pool arrangement

Poolside furniture arrangement template

Screened in porch layout

screened in porch furniture arrangement template

Not everyone will have the perfect solution for your outdoor living space but you can integrate the things you like the most from each template

5. Match your furniture to your lifestyle

Make sure you get the most from your backyard patio furniture by choosing to fill your space with furniture you will use frequently. Don’t buy the monster-sized dining table if you never have more than 2 people over to your place. Choose the things that will get the most use and not become clutter from lack of use.

For example, if you’re the type of person that likes to get some colour from lying out in the sun then you’re going to love the idea of having a chaise.

Two chaises

6. Fill the perimeter first

This tip is extremely important for small patios and spaces. The last thing you want to happen is to feel like you’re limiting the accessibility and functionality of your outdoor living space. When you start around the perimeter you immediately maximize the area you have in your backyard.

7. Be selective about your choices

The smallest changes can make the biggest impact. Use accent pillows to completely change the colour theme of your outdoor space.

Accent throw pillows to change the look of your backyard

A well-placed ottoman or deep-seated lounge chair can be a welcome addition to making our patio more comfortable and inviting for you and your guests to spend long hours enjoying the warm weather.

Too much furniture that goes unused can take away from the look and make your outdoor oasis feel a little cluttered. Make sure your choices in furniture and features are made according to functionality and match the theme you’re aiming for in your overall design.

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