The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Garden Furniture

Outdoor furnutre made from recycled plastic

Recycled plastics have become all the rage for tree huggers and those concerned with sustainability. When you’re shopping for the most ideal patio set, eco-friendly garden furniture may not be high on your priority list but there are definitely some major benefits to purchasing patio furniture made from recycled plastic.

First off, if you aren’t familiar with recycled plastic furniture allow us the pleasure of making your introduction.

What exactly is recycled plastic patio furniture?

Incredibly enough, this type of material is made from the exact items you would throw into your recycling bin. Milk jugs, juice containers, bottle caps, and just about every type of recyclable plastic are used to produce what’s called poly lumber or poly wood.

ECO-FRIENDLY GARDEN FURNITURE is made of high-density polyethylene HDPE lumber

This material is made from selected additives, foaming compounds, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and UV-inhibitive pigment systems. Poly wood is then formed and shaped into patio furniture, creating one of the most sustainable furniture products we have today.

Want to learn more about the process? Check out this article here for a more detailed explanation of how plastics are recycled into more useful products.

Apart from the mesmerizing production process, you’re going to love the benefits of going green when you’re purchasing your outdoor living arrangements.

Avoid harmful VOC emissions

When you purchase an eco-friendly patio set, you’re buying products with little to no Volatile Organic Compound emissions. VOCs are emitted as gases from certain organic compounds. They have a high vapour pressure and low water solubility and include a variety of chemicals that are not good for your health in the short or long term.

Recycled plastic garden furniture is one of a few options that do not involve the production of this unhealthy gas.

recycled plastic patio furniture the full conversation set

Reduces the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans

When you purchase recycled plastic patio furniture you’re keeping more plastic out of landfills and oceans. It’s elementary my dear Watson, if you’re using it at home it’s not going to waste. This concept of recycling a material that has an incredibly long shelf life into furniture is ideal for saving our planet and reducing our carbon footprint.

Easy to maintain

There is nothing easier than cleaning recycled plastic outdoor furniture when you know this well-kept secret method. Brace yourself for this groundbreaking secret: 

A warm soapy cloth.

back, grey and white striped chair and table made from recycled plastic

Seriously. After storage or whenever dirty, it only takes a quick wipe-down to restore garden furniture made from recycled plastic back to peak condition.

Use a general cleanser and a paper towel, a warm cloth with soapy water or any brilliant variation of these that you can come up with. The bottom line is there’s no need for wood conditioners, rustproofing or any sort of extra effort required.

If you’re not happy with the colour, a can of spray paint will go the distance for completely changing up the look and feel of your arrangement. 

Did you know that cast aluminum patio furniture is also considered eco-friendly patio furniture? This material, like recycled plastic, is easily maintained, rust-free, and aluminum also happens to be easily recyclable.


Have you ever compared the prices of recycled plastics against any other type of patio furniture? The price difference is incredibly shocking and you can find comparable recycled plastic items for almost half the cost of other materials such as cast aluminum, wrought iron, and wicker designs.

Where budgeting is a concern, recycled plastic can be your knight in shining armour. You get incredible value for the price you pay. While you may like the look of some of the other more expensive options, you can still find great-looking plastic alternatives.

Long-lasting and extremely durable

Sure, it’s nice to have new furniture. What if you didn’t have to buy furniture as often because it lasts two, three maybe even ten times longer than any other material?

Plastic is one of the most durable materials that can sustain all kinds of abuse. That is why it is so commonly used within a commercial environment. It can absorb impact and it is a cost-effective investment because of its ability to last a lifetime.

Resistant to the natural elements

Another testament to the durability of recycled plastic is the ability to withstand the elements. Rain, snow and sun are all repelled and deemed relatively harmless when it comes to wear and tear.

The material is UV protected, which means it maintains its shine and vibrancy for an extended period of time.

Rust is obviously not an issue either which renders snow and rain ineffective in spoiling its shine.

Extreme heat and cold are also major factors when it comes to maintaining patio furniture, however, recycled plastic is resistant to both making it one of the most durable materials available.

To be honest, extremely windy conditions are the only thing that could wreak havoc with your recycled plastic furniture in Ontario. Due to the lightweight material, chairs and tables can be vulnerable to being pushed around on a windy day. 

Go green with eco-friendly patio furniture

As we face increasingly more issues with sustainability and pollution, we have a duty to do our part in the best ways we can. Finding the right recycled plastic furniture to create your ideal outdoor furniture arrangement is one way of contributing to a greener, sustainable future.

Can’t find what you were looking for? Speak to one of our sales reps or drop into our showroom and let us take care of the rest.


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