The Propane Fire Pit Table Buyers Guide

Propane fire pit table under a cantilever umbrella and surrounded with deep seating

Picture yourself and your guests sitting in a circle surrounding the warm glow of a fire. Your faces glow with delight while you tell stories, laugh at jokes and reminisce about the old days. There’s no question about it. A fire pit adds to the ambiance of your outdoor living space and makes for a great attraction in a social setting.

So how do you get the most from such a wide selection of options?

It’s not your everyday purchase, so it’s only natural you would question whether you’ve accounted for everything on your propane fire pit table checklist. If you don’t have a fire pit checklist, not to worry, we’re going to get you started with a few things to consider before purchasing a propane fire pit table.

Fire tables vs. everything else

It’s important to distinguish between the options that you have available to you. Propane fire pit tables are a very specific type of fire pit. They are fuelled with natural gas or propane and they offer the same functionality as a coffee table except there’s a large area of the table that’s reserved for the fire to emanate.

Most tables come with a cover so you can maximize your table space if needed when serving drinks and snacks. 

Cabana coast fire table covers
Click here to see The Cabana Coast Monaco Collection

The bowl area is filled with firestones.

Reflective fire glass for natural gas and propane fire pits, tables and fire bowls

You can flip the fire on and off at the flick of a switch.

Cabana Coast propane fuelled fire pit

Now that you have a good idea of what we’re talking about, you can see that a fire table is different from the following:

Tabletop fire pits

Table top fire pit

Fire bowls

A fire column

Fire rings

empty fire ring
Fire ring with fire

Pagodas & outdoor fireplaces

A pagoda as a wood burning option for fire pits

Wood vs. propane or natural gas fire pits

It’s important to consider your fuel source because it can mean a completely different type of fire pit. If you’re the type of person who craves the smell of a wood fire and melts at the crackling sound of an open pit fire, then you may want to opt for a wood-burning fire pit.

Wood burning fire pit

These babies are more akin to that of a campfire. You can roast all the wienies and smores you want with fewer cares about dripping the weenie juice and goop from your smores all over your firestones.

If you’re big on design and aesthetics then for you a fire pit may simply serve as a focal point for your social gatherings.

Home crest propane fire pit table surrounded with deep seating patio furniture

For a great way to provide an incredibly warm and welcoming environment, a propane fire pit table is among the top options.

The point is that if you know exactly what you’re getting from each type of fire pit you can choose one that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

What fire table material is right for you?

When choosing the material your fire table is made of, you need to consider what looks best with your décor but also what’s functional for your needs. Tables can be made from stone, concrete, steel or a combination of either.

Stone and concrete tables tend to be heavier and so are less convenient to move. They are also more susceptible to stains from soot. Homecrest delivers an excellent line of options with their stone and concrete tabletop fire pits.

The Homecrest concrete table top

Concrete propane fire pit table

The Homecrest Sandstone table

An example of a sandstone fire pit table
Profile view of a sandstone fire pit table top

The Homecrest Shadowrock fire table

Example of a shadowrock fire table from Homecrest
The side profile of what shadowrock looks like underneath the paint

Cabana Coast offers many different styles of fire tables. The burners are stainless steel and are all fuelled by propane and natural gas. 

Fire Table options in style and shape from Cabana Coast

The tabletops are constrcuted with tile, cast aluminum and come in a number of patterns and designs. All firestones are interchangeable in colour and thickness. 

Mesa round outdoor fire pit

Ratana is another excellent source when it comes to finding the right style of outdoor propane fire pit table. Here is the aerial view of the different shapes and sizes of tables to give you a better idea of the spacing.

Different sizes, shapes and styles of gas fire pit tables from Ratana

Placement and safety precautions

Where you plan on using your fire pit makes a big difference about the type of fire pit you can use. You can’t place wood-fuelled fire pits under a gazebo or any type of enclosed area because the flames are not controlled and it becomes a fire hazard.

Most companies recommend you to distance furniture and fixtures a minimum of 10 feet from a wood-burning fire pit. Again, it depends on the size of the flames so use common sense and err on the side of caution.

Gas fire pit tables are ideal if you want to enjoy a covered setting while entertaining family, guests or just spending some quality time on your own.

Enclosed gazebo with drapes with deep seating around outdoor gas fire table

Avoid placing fire pits directly on grass or a wooden deck. They are best placed on a stone patio, concrete slab or require a specific type of covering to set up as a base. These pits tend to give off an enormous amount of heat and will eventually ruin the grass or eat through the wood.

Choose a fire table with a specific number of people in mind

A common complaint that floats around is the actual table space when the fire is lit. If you’re entertaining larger groups on a regular basis you may want to look into the actual space that’s left on the table for drinks and appetizers.

For some, this may not be an issue if you have other options for serving beverages and meals. If you’re using your table as a coffee table, a smaller size may take away from the functionality of your outdoor living space while entertaining guests.

Give yourself a budget to work with

It’s good to know there are a wide variety of options when you have a bigger budget to work with. You can buy a fire pit for as little as $400 or you can spend up to $2,000 on a lavish model. Custom-built fire pits typically range between $1,000 to $5,000. If you know how much you want to spend it makes things easier when prioritizing the features that are most important to you.

A shoestring budget can still buy you a fire pit that serves as a focal point and gets the job done in terms of setting the mood and creating an ideal environment. 

Firepit as a focal point

When you have a lot of bucks to spend, you can get a bit more creative and expand on your idea to light the way for your daytime and nighttime gatherings.

Custom outdoor fireplace built in stone

Firepit tables come with a whole lot of happiness

Whichever fire table you choose, you’re all but guaranteed to enjoy the memories it brings. There are very few people who are ever disappointed about the contribution an outdoor fire table makes to their outdoor living space. We’re excited to help you find the one that fits perfectly into your backyard oasis.

Give us a call or send us a message to find out about availability. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about making this purchase one of the best additions to your outdoor living space.


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