How to Clean and Wax a Shuffleboard Table

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Shuffleboard tables make great additions to homes. They’re fun to play and easy to maintain, demanding only a few minutes a month for waxing and polishing. Putting this time aside can improve performance and increase the table’s lifespan, so make it a priority. How often you clean, however, depends on usage. At a minimum, follow the steps below every two to three months.

Note: Your table may warp if placed in a room with varying temperatures. Purchase a climate adjuster to prevent the wood from bending and flattening between seasons. Moreover, keep your table away from the sun to prevent drying and fading.

Clean Your Shuffleboard Table with a Water-Based Oil and Vinegar Solution

To prep your table for polishing and waxing, you first need to remove any dust and debris from the surface. The product you use to clean the board depends on its material.

  • Wood finishes require water and vinegar mixtures to draw out dirt from the pours. Adding a drop of oil lubricates the wood and prevents cracking and splintering. Wooden furniture polish can enhance the look of wooden tables, too.
  • Polymer finishes are easiest to clean; you can use most glass and multi-purpose cleaners. Alternatively, a damp rag can do the trick.
  • Lacquer finishes work well with ordinary furniture wax and polish. The cleaning instructions on the bottle apply.

Clean your table when you first setup it up! After the initial clean, you can get away with buffing and polishing a few times each month. A nice table cover can reduce the amount of work spent on this step, too.

Spray Silicone and Distribute Wax Powder Evenly along the Table

Periodically, you may wish to wax the table after cleaning it. Doing so maintains a smooth, even feel and protects the table from scratches and grooves. Apply this wax with a soft towel and let it sit for several minutes before spraying.

To a dry table, apply silicon spray purchased from your local billiards store. Mist the table evenly, letting it dry for a minimum of five minutes before dusting with wax. Once ready, sprinkle the wax powder over the shuffleboard for slick, accurate gameplay. Make sure to use wide sweeping motions to prevent clumping.


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