How Big a Room Do You Need For a Billiards Table?

How big a room do you need for a billiard table?

Billiard tables make beautiful additions to homes. Adjacent to bars and rec areas, they can enliven basements and living rooms. Unfortunately, they also take up considerable space: regulation tables start at 9ft by 4.5ft.

Thankfully, you can now buy tables at various widths and heights. That said, more than just surface area needs factoring in small spaces. Cues range anywhere from 5ft to 6ft, doubling parts of the table’s dimensions. Though players can angle them up or down to aim and maneuver, straight shots inevitably require a buffer.

Don’t worry, though. Most homes have at least one tight spot and that’s okay.

Popular Cue and Table Dimensions

The most popular billiards table size is 8ft by 4ft — just under tournament regulation. A standard 2-piece cue measures in at 58in. At a minimum, the walls parallel lengthwise need an additional 6 inches of space for comfortable play. Remember that you can purchase miniature cues for shots perpendicular to the table and walls. Corners add some wiggle room, too.

If you’re on the market for a new billiards table, use the chart below as a reference point. Remember, size does not count for everything. Some walls have cut-outs, indents, and contours that lend to their spaciousness.

You’ll likely need a professional to install and level the table, so never be afraid to ask for recommendations particular to your home.

Suggested Room Sizes for Popular Billiard Table Dimensions

Table Size

Average Space

48in Cue

58in Cue

7ft13.5ft x 16ft11-12ft x 15ft12-13ft x 16ft
8ft13.5ft x 17.5ft12-13ft x 16.5ft13-14ft x 17ft
9ft14.5ft x 18.5ft12-14ft x 17-18ft13-15ft x 18-19ft

*Note: These figures are estimates and may change based on the shape of the room, position of the table, and span of the player’s arms. For 52in cues, size ranges are nearer to those in the 48in column.


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