Building a Patio or Deck?

Tips before you design your patio or deck

  1. Look at the options for outdoor furniture. Wicker, wood, metal, cast aluminum or other. Dining or deep seating. The style you decide will determine how big or small you make your patio area. Don’t forget fireplaces, outdoor kitchens or barbecues. Consider the umbrella you will be using – or would you prefer an awning?
  2. Take a measurement of your favourite style of seating. This will help with the size of your space so that your patio furniture will fit perfectly.
  3. Think about what you are using the space for – are you using the space to entertain, for family functions or for personal leisure.
  4. Is it “cushy toochy” approved? Always sit down on the chairs. Check your comfort level. Do you like a highback chair (neck support) or a lowback chair (shoulder height). Do your legs feel comfortable? It’s all about comfort for that dream patio oasis.
  5. Once decided build your dream deck or patio.
  6. Now come and see us and we will set up your dream patio just the way you pictured it!!


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