What’s Ceramic Barbecuing?

This latest craze in barbecuing has been sweeping the US and has now taken Canada by storm.

What is it?

A ceramic cooker is ideal for all types of cooking. A charcoal fire is made in a large enclosed ceramic oven where the heat is retained and the fire can last for many hours. This conserves charcoal, retains moisture and produces even heat for long periods of time. Although you can grill steaks and burgers the cooker comes into its own when cooking large pieces of meat which need to cook slowly. It is ideal for ribs, briskets, turkey, etc.

In addition the fire can be reduced to the temperatures ideal for smoking making it perfect for smoked ribs, pork butt and other dishes.

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to meat. Many vegetarian dishes, pizzas and even cakes can be cooked on a ceramic cooker.


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