Woven Rope Outdoor Furniture ideas

Woven rope finish by Ratana

Woven rope outdoor furniture is sweeping the outdoor seating scene, and for good reason. Outdoor furniture made out of rope is surprisingly versatile, stylish, and timelessly trendy. Not what you may expect from something made of rope, but it’s true! 

The irony is that rope has been used to craft decor and furniture for centuries. Woven rope outdoor furniture uses pieces of rope to create structure and support weight. The rope itself may be braided or weaved, adding extra strength and style. 

Pieces called strapping are made of flat rope, as opposed to the cylinder shape most of us are familiar with. Other materials may also be incorporated into rope outdoor furniture, like aluminum or steel. The options for this style are quite nearly limitless. 

Benefits Of Outfitting Your Outdoor Space With Woven Rope Furniture

Woven rope outdoor furniture doesn’t just look good. The rope serves multiple purposes, acting as the support for your lounging and the style element of each piece. The rope is also impressively durable, even in harsh outdoor climates. 


Gone are the days of choosing your outdoor furniture with the weather in mind. Rope can handle it all. Rain, beating sun, snow, howling winds–you won’t have to worry about any of it. The rope used in woven rope outdoor furniture is treated to withstand wear and the fading power of the sun. And its waterproof qualities allow rain and snow to slide off, draining harmlessly through the weave. This weather resistance is a quality unique to woven rope furniture, something you won’t want to miss out on.

Woven rope outdoor loveseat combination from Cabana Coast
Cabana Coast Outdoor Rope Loveseat Combination from the Copacabana Collection


Without suffering from weather damage and fading, you’d imagine that outdoor furniture would last much longer. Woven rope furniture proves this. It far outlasts other materials that suffer damage from the elements. You’ll have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy nature for years to come. 


The strength of woven rope is akin to the strength of ants. In one word: impressive. The multi-strand build of rope offers much more hold and strength than meets the eye. This allows for greater customization depending on your style, as thin weaves and bundles support just as much as thicker bundles. Thinner strands give a more elegant look, while more rope offers a cozier, loungy look. 

Close up of the braided style of Durarope the Ratana uses
Ratana’s braided weave up-close used in Rope Patio Furniture


Woven rope furniture offers versatility like no other. You can choose from a thick rope, thin rope, braided, woven, crocheted, and almost anything in between. No set design limits this style–only your creativity. Woven rope can be used for a variety of seating options as well. Sectional couches, chairs, rocking chairs, ottomans…all rope, all styles. 

Gives Outdoors The Look Of Home

Outdoor furniture shopping can be frustrating for those who want to extend their indoor style outside. Standard outdoor furniture, made of materials like steel or aluminum, can offset the homey feel you want to create. Woven rope outdoor furniture gives your whole outdoor space a homier, cozier feel and look. The textures and hues of woven rope mimic nature, allowing your pieces to seamlessly blend into an outdoor space. 

This comforting look will not be lost on you or your guests. Woven rope furniture trends for that reason, offering a unique quality no other material can match. 

Stylish Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Woven rope outdoor furniture easily conforms to a variety of popular styles and trends. Many of the styles currently being showcased are sure to set some new trends in the outdoor entertainment areas in the Canadian summers. 

Braid And Weave Designs

A simple braid or knot gives an immediate splash of style and personality. With woven rope furniture, you can extend this idea to every piece on your patio-from chairs to ottomans to cozy couches. 

Mixed Materials

Woven rope outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be all rope. Materials like aluminum look great contrasted with the texture and look of rope. For a touch of modernity and even greater customization, try adding dual-material woven rope furniture to your whole patio. Rope accents also look stunning in outdoor furniture, offering that final stylish touch to set your outdoor set apart from the masses. 

Ria Collection stackable rope chairs
Stackable lightweight side chairs for bar seating and dining tables

Simple Elegance

Little is as flawlessly timeless as simplicity. Woven rope embodies this idea with its elegant strength and design. With outdoor furniture like this, you won’t need to worry about keeping up with trends or feeling out of style. If anything, your neighbours will have to keep up with you. 

Cabana Coast woven rope outdoor dining set
Copacabana Collection from Cabana Coast


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