Outdoor Seating Area Ideas For The Spring

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With Spring waiting to spring, it’s come time to start preparing for the warm weather and social gatherings. For a lot of us, that means putting together new outdoor seating area ideas for the spring and summer seasons. 

Snow and disuse can leave these sacred areas looking dilapidated and abandoned. What better time than spring to change up the look and start fresh. The styles and trends for patio furniture and outdoor arrangements are especially promising this year, making now a great time to consider a redo. 

If you aren’t up to a full transformation, adding new pieces to your existing deck or patio can liven it up just the same.

Lounge-Focused Arrangements

You can never go wrong with a classic chair-and-firepit arrangement. This is a flexible arrangement, with any variant accomplishing the same goal of comfort and relaxation. To elevate this arrangement up a notch, opt for a modern fire table in place of a wood-burning fireplace. While either one will look great, fire tables have a few more options regarding their overall look and purpose. You can decide if you want the fire table to be purely aesthetic or if you’d like it to pump out some heat. 

Fireplaces and firepits look great as the focal point for your patio arrangement but if you’re into playing cards or serving trays of food and drinks, the space on a fire table can become an issue. If this is the case, you can always chill out with a few friends making the coffee table the focal point, This gives you the option to play cards, have drinks or just chat it up in some super cozy deep seating options.

A coffee table with 4 deep seating options is an idea for your outdoor seating

Entertainment-Focused Arrangements 

Those who enjoy filling their patio space with friends and family will benefit from focusing on the entertainment element. Create a focal point with the entertainment element of your choice at the centre of your seating arrangement.  

Firepits surrounded with deep seating

Firepits or fire tables are an obvious choice to have as a focal point. You can surround them with any combination of single seats and a sectional couch to fit more people. The Milano Conversation set is only one of many that offer a beautiful arrangement with a plethora of seating options to choose from. 

When dining is the biggest attraction

You’ll also want to consider making your dining set the centre of attraction. Upgrade your picnic table for a sleek-looking dining set that comfortably seats a large number of people. With the different aluminum options finishes and cushion colours, you’ll be sure to find a mix that fits your creative design. 

Chair combinations make versatile options

Always have plenty of chairs on hand to ensure that every guest has somewhere to sit. Try combining different styles of chairs to give your patio a modern look. For example, you could scatter in cushioned chairs with classy Adirondacks made of recycled plastic. Furniture made from recycled plastic is more resilient than other materials, making it perfect for outdoor seating arrangements. These classic styles look especially cozy circling a firepit. 

Tips for patio seating arrangements

Most outdoor seating area ideas are generally similar with small personal differences that create character and style. It may be obvious that you’re going to centre your patio around your dining table or fire table however your patio can look vastly different from your neighbours when you customize it for functionality and taste. Here are a few tips to help you create your favourite entertainment area. 

Keep your climate in mind

It may rain buckets where you live, especially in the spring. Others experience never-ending sun. In both situations adding a patio umbrella to your design is a great idea. 

You’ll receive protection from the elements when you’re using your patio set, and your furniture will keep that protection while you’re gone. Though patio cushions and furniture are designed to be fade and water-resistant, the elements still take their toll over time. An umbrella will add years to the life of your patio furniture. 

Incorporate greenery

Little can top the cheerfulness flowers radiate. Plants add life to your patio, whether you prefer bushes and trees or bright pots of petunias. The aromatic benefit of flowers only makes your patio more pleasant. 

Add pops of colour

A fun way to add some modernity and personality to your design is with bright pops of colour. Try adding colourful pillows and ottomans to give your arrangement a unique look. 

Creative lighting

String lights are trending and for good reason. A line of string lights will look great strung around your patio or weaved through a pergola. Opt for lighting that is warm in tone, as this will create a cozy atmosphere when the sun dips.

Set your sights on functionality

Before you begin buying chairs and tables, consider how you will use them first. Do you plan on throwing block parties all spring and into the summer? You’ll likely need plenty of seating options, like a sectional couch and some sort of dining table for eating. 

Do you live alone? A couple of lounge chairs will do for you and your Hunny. 

Knowing how you plan to use your patio space is key to designing the layout and fulfilling your creative dreams. 

Once you have a minimum level of functionality established  you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will look good together? 
  • What’s in style? 
  • What’s within my budget?
  • What colours would be perfect with my existing setup?
  • What atmosphere do I want to create? 

Final thoughts

Creating the “wow” factor doesn’t happen by accident. To truly create an incredible outdoor living space you need quality furniture, an accurate sense of functionality and some custom touches that separate your place from the masses. 

For more outdoor seating area ideas for the Spring, feel free to contact anyone from our team at Canadian Home Leisure. We’re more than happy to assist in any way we can in turning your home into the place where everyone wants to be.


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