Sure Ways to Ruin Your Billiards Table

When cared for, a billiards table can survive a lifetime. Unfortunately, most folks get a decade or less because of carelessness. Although a hefty piece of furniture, a billiards table requires a gentle touch. Rough play and lack of maintenance can erode the surface quickly.

To extend the life of your table, watch out for the common killers presented in this article. While each does not immediately cause damage, most hasten the need for repairs.

Placing the Table Next to a Window

Sunlight is an enemy. Too much exposure to it can bleach or warp the wood. Open windows make it difficult to regulate the temperature, too. Factors like humidity affect how the wood settles. Windows also cast bad shadows on the surface area.

Forgetting to Brush after Every Game

Chalk is abrasive. Though dust is also threatening, it doesn’t sink into the felt as pervasively. Chalk left to settle changes the felt’s texture—sometimes even the colour. It can increase the resistance in places and alter the smoothness or levelness in others.

Letting Pets Jump on the Table

Cats love to climb. While you may let them nestle into the couch, dissuade them from walking along the tabletop. Cat claws are sharp and can snag.

As well, dirt and litter can get trapped between the paws and then transported onto the table. Like chalk, this is bad news. An ill-behaved animal might even soil the cloth or tear it up during a tantrum.

Leaning Your Body or Resting Beverages on the Rails

Although sturdy, your bodyweight puts unnecessary stress on the railings. Not to mention, belt buckles and zippers can scratch the surface. Leaving drinks unattended is also a bad idea. One spilt drink can ruin the cloth.


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