Hot Tub Games

Wildly Entertaining Hot Tub Games for Friends and Family

When hosting hot tub parties, playing games with your guests can make for an enjoyable evening. Which games you will find feasible, however, depends on the number of participants and your spa size. Consider such criteria when learning the games below.

Waterproof Cards

You can play any regular card game in the hot tub with a waterproof deck. Some retailers even sell waterproof board games. As you introduce more pieces, you will want to buy a floating tray to keep them from falling into the water.


This game requires two red plastic cups. The first cup scoops water and pours into the second during gameplay. Each person takes turns filling the second cup, leaving it floating in the spa. The first person to sink it loses. The game continues until one player stands.

Pass the Bottle

Bring an empty plastic bottle into the hot tub. Begin with one person pinching it between his or her chin and shoulder. Slowly, have that individual pass the bottle to the person on his or her left without using hands. The same process continues player-to-player until someone drops the bottle. However, the same body parts cannot be used to transfer the bottle in back-to-back passes.

Ping Pong Basketball

Fill cups with water around the edges of the hot tub and take turns shooting ping pongs at them. The player who sinks the most shots wins. Adults can play without water and use beer instead, but this risks spillage.

Musical Jets

This game borrows its premise from musical chairs. The difference: Players vie for a seat with an active jet, so you must turn off some jets to begin and progress the game. Use a speaker to play music as everyone rotates in a clockwise motion. When the music stops, all players scramble to sit down.

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