Hot Tub Advice for the Winter Months

With winter closing in on us, many of us are still trying to come to terms with the chillier temperatures and the outdoor activities that the warmer months allow us to enjoy. Fortunately, colder temperatures don’t mean we can’t enjoy the hot tub any longer. If you plan on using your hot tub this winter, consider the following.

Plan Your Exit from the Water

Unlike in summer, spring or even fall, winter’s colder temperatures can make getting out of a steamy hot tub a shocking experience for your body. To avoid this unpleasant experience at the end of your soak, have a dry fluffy bathrobe or towel nearby to make your exit more comfortable.

Also, in the winter it is important to be cautious for hard ice and snow that could cause you to lose your balance and hurt yourself. Prior to using your hot tub, clear a path from your home to your tub–that is free of snow or ice. And make sure that you wear shoes or slippers with good tread to prevent falling.

Maintain a Reasonable Water Temperature

Maintaining appropriate water temperature is very important with hot tub use. If the water temperature is too high, there’s potential for you to become drowsy and even unconscious, which could lead to drowning.

It’s especially important to watch the temperature in the colder months because the colder air surrounding you may confuse your internal temperature and you may be hotter than you realize. When using your spa in the winter months, limit your soaking time to 15 minutes and the water temperature to 100 degrees.

This winter hot tub tip pertains to healthy adults and if you have any known health conditions or are taking any medications that impact how your body responds to high temperatures, you should definitely consult your doctor before using a hot tub.


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