Best Outdoor Furniture For The Canadian Climate

best outdoor patio furniture for Canadian climate

It’s only for a few months of the year that Canadians living in Southern Ontario get to bask in the sun. For the rest of the year, we need to prepare for the harsh and cold climate. So what’s the best outdoor furniture for the Canadian climate?

The good news is there are a few options to choose from that stand out as top performers for the extreme range of weather conditions. In fact, choosing between the different between the best outdoor furniture products are pretty darn difficult because each option presents a unique set of attributes in style and functionality.

Cast aluminum is the choice of the masses

When you take into account the practicality of owning furniture you can move and store easily, cast aluminum furniture is one of the top options on the list. This material cast from aluminum, which makes for one of the best outdoor patio furniture products that are virtually rust-free and low maintenance.

Rust-free composition

Let me take a moment to walk you through a brief chemistry lesson. Rust in its chemical form is iron oxide. You need iron to create rust. Cast aluminum does not have iron in its composition, therefore, it is literally a rust-free piece of furniture.

Don’t confuse low maintenance with no maintenance

Cast aluminum is not completely infallible. There are some levels of maintenance that must be applied in order to preserve the life of your furniture. For instance, although cast aluminum is strong enough to withstand Canadian winters, it’s best practice to store your furniture indoors to preserve the life of your patio set. This is where the advantage of being lightweight with optimal stackability comes into play.

Elegant designs with versatile options

Cast aluminium is also one of the most stylish types of patio furniture since it can be shaped and formed into a limitless array of patterns and designs. For the most versatile types of garden furniture for durability and design, cast aluminum is one of the most popular choices.

All weather wicker is ideal for outdoor patio furniture

To many people, it may not seem like wicker could ever be considered the best outdoor patio furniture let alone be compared to cast aluminium. The truth is that Cabana Coast produces a product that can withstand the most brutal weather. Their patented SolWeave solution features a UV protectant that extends the life of all of their wicker products.

Cabana Coast wicker patio furniture is a proven weather resistant material
Riverside Dining Set

And guess what? All wicker patio sets are hand-woven over a cast aluminium frame to ensure that your collection stays strong and lives long.

Stainless steel is a powerhouse among options

Who could argue that there was anyone more powerful than the man of steel himself? It’s obviously an old story that has lived on but was based on the fact that steel is one of the strongest metals known to man.

Stainless steel outdoor patio furniture is known for its strength and longevity

Steel is slow to respond to external temperatures which makes it resistant to becoming overly hot or cold. In the durability category, stainless steel ranks at the top of its class. You can set your concerns aside when it comes to rust and corrosion, however, you will still need to protect your investment routinely with a routine cleaning and covered protection.

Stainless steel patio furniture is cherished not only for its durability, but also its clean and modern appeal. For outdoor furniture with the longest life span, make stainless steel a serious consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weather resistant outdoor furniture?

Choose from cast aluminum, all-weather wicker and stainless steel outdoor furniture to get the most life out of your investment. Teak, cast iron and wrought iron are also excellent options but are subject to more maintenance.

When can you buy cheap patio furniture?

Look for end-of-the-year sales when store owners are looking to clear out their inventory. You can also look for spring sales when the season is beginning and retailers run promotional sales to encourage early orders.

Where can I buy quality patio furniture?

Canadian Home Leisure offers a wide selection of the best outdoor patio furniture by the top brands in the furniture industry. You can customize your order or buy a specific collection such as a conversation set or outdoor patio dining set.

Where can I get the best deal on patio furniture?

Choosing a smaller retailer such as Canadian Home Leisure offers consumers the luxury of negotiating with the store owners themselves, rather than settling for big-box retailers where the price is final. As small business owners, it’s more important to establish a long-term relationship rather than focus solely on the sale.


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