Close up of the collins shuffleboard for the article "How to clean and wax a shuffleboard"

Shuffleboard tables make great additions to homes. They’re fun to play and easy to maintain, demanding only a few minutes a month for waxing and polishing. Putting this time aside can improve performance and increase the table's lifespan, so make it a priority. How often you clean, however, depends on usage. At a minimum, follow the steps below every two to three months.

You can play an assortment of games on your billiards table with different balls and rules. The colour and diameter change most often, though some games call for different weights. The hardness (density) and polish (friction) affect playability, too. These properties can alter accuracy, reflectivity, and rolling distance.

Image of a pool table brush

To prolong the life of the felt on your pool table, you should brush after every session. Doing so keeps chalk from settling and damaging the fabric. In fact, if untreated, it can change the table’s roughness and alter the cue ball’s path.