Safety Tips to Avoid Injury When Operating Your Fire Pit

Fire pits make great heat and light sources when the cold and dark of night threatens to end the festivities and can serve as a focal point for guests to interact, at outdoor gatherings, as they really promote conversation. Despite the benefits that a fire pit can contribute to your outdoor space, they won’t be realized with proper planning and preparation. Use these tips to properly plan and operate your fire pit!


Prior to purchasing your fire pit, it’s important to check if your city has regulations regarding their use. Regulations are important to look into because acting out compliance with them can lead to hefty fines. In some cities or countries, fire pits may be banned entirely, make sure to investigate that ahead of time.

Thorough planning of the place your fire pit will reside is also required for example, a fire extinguisher should be kept in close proximity to your fire pit, should it be needed. Check that the fire extinguisher is in proper working order and not too close to its expiration date. 

In terms of location, fire pits can’t go in enclosed locations, since fumes can be harmful without appropriate ventilation. The location should also be stable and free of nearby branches and shrubs that could catch fire. 


Always start your fire small and only use the recommended fire starters for your model. If you’re operating a wood burning fire pit, make sure not to pile the wood too high as that can cause burning pellets and sparks falling out of the pit and onto the surrounding areas. This is a serious safety hazard, as hot embers can potentially start a fire on surrounding grass areas. 

Fire pits should have adult supervision at all times and any children present must be closely watched and kept a safe distance from the flames. 


Once you have familiarized yourself with your fire pit and ensured all the necessary safety precautions are in place, you can enjoy the process of creating the desired ambiance. 

At Canadian Home Leisure, our fire pits do an excellent job of combining a functional product with an aesthetically appealing design to create the ideal option for outdoor entertaining. With the ability to customize the finish, size and colour, you can create the optimal fire pit for your backyard space. 


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