About Oasis

Hot Tub Cover

The Covana OASIS has a lot to offer. It’s not just a hot tub cover, it’s an automated east to use gazebo.

Closed: Its water-tight seal reduces spa heating expenses due to its unique insulation value while, at the same time, preventing unwanted access and protecting your investment for as long as you own it! (In contrast, more traditional covers rarely last over 3 years!)

Open: Within 20 seconds, you have a modern and sleek gazebo that  protects you against bad weather conditions and harmful ultraviolet radiations. This elegant cover will provide you with an intimate, private space where you can dream, think and reflect, thanks to retractable shades available as an option.

The DEL lighting system was designed to create a warm, friendly atmosphere and relaxing ambiance based on a combination of 7 carefully-chosen colours. (Optionally, this system can be powered from stored solar energy!).

Colour Choices: