Pool Table Dining Table Buyers Guide

A popular choice among customers is the pool table dining table. Many people choose this option to give them the flexibility of having a pool table that can easily convert into a dining table as needed.

This image of a 4 piece pool table top that convert your pool table into a dining table
The actual product is the dining table top (the pool table is greyed out)

What most people don’t realize is that there are two options to choose from that offer you the best of both worlds.

You can get a dining top for your existing pool table or there is a whole separate category of dining pool tables that are specifically designed to serve as a pool table dining table.

What to check for when converting your pool table to a pool dining table

The main issue with converting a pool table into a dining table revolves around the convenience and comfort of eating a meal. Due to the design of most pool tables, you need to consider a few different aspects of design to ensure if your intention is to eat regularly on your pool table dining table.

Inconvenient height

According to the regulating bodies that govern billiards, the slate play height of a pool table should be between 29”-31” in order to be regulation.

Factor in the rails of the pool table, which are generally 1”-2” high.

Add the dining conversion top, which is another 1”-2” high and you’re converted “dining table” is anywhere from 31”-35” high.

This makes for an uncomfortable height for dining because it happens to be in-between the normal dining height and countertop dining height. The average dining table in Canada is between 28” and 30” high.

While the average countertop dining height is between 34″ and 36″ in height.

If you’re planning on eating a meal regularly on your pool table, this may be uncomfortably high without the proper seating. Before you make your decision make sure you check the height of the pool table you’re considering converting into a pool dining table.

Solution to a high table

The solution to having a high dining table is to have seating that matches the table. You can choose from a variety of benches that are perfectly suited to match the height of your pool table dining table.

Legroom restrictions

If you’re looking for dining pool tables for sale, you need to consider the legroom restrictions. The idea of having a table with dual functions is great but in terms of practicality, there are specific designs that are best suited for a pool dining table. Not every pool table is a great choice to convert a table in which you can comfortably enjoy a meal because of the lack of legroom.

The pool table above (Destroyer from the Heritage Collection) may be a poor choice because of the bulky legs. You would need to sacrifice seating at the two ends of the table.

Avoid the designs that have the central support in the middle of the table as this will affect the room people have to for their legs to sit comfortably at the table.

Choose the right frame

If you haven’t purchased a pool table yet consider pool tables with adequate spacing underneath. Due to the 600 lb. slate that sits on top of the pool table, it’s necessary to have a thick frame to support that kind of weight without sagging.

The best scenario is choosing a frame whose legs are built on the outside corners of the table. This creates more space underneath for people to comfortably sit while enjoying a meal.

Choose the models with appropriately sized drawers

Another factor that will affect the legroom under your pool table are the drawers located under the pool table. Make sure you can site at the pool table without banging your legs against the drawers. The last thing you want is to injure yourself every time you eat at the table.

Best dining pool tables

The best option to convert your pool table into a dining table are the Legacy Bayler,

and the Legacy Collins,

Both tables offer the support and comfort needed to adequately transform your pool table into an enjoyable dining experience.

Pool dining tables specifically made for dining

If you want to eat regularly on your pool table dining table, you may want to consider looking for the models that are specifically built to accommodate the dining option. This way the height, seating and legroom are already accounted for. You can focus on the other custom aspects of your table like the look and design and rest easy about whether or not your family and guest will be able to sit and comfortably enjoy a meal.

Cimarron 8 Ft Pool Table Dining Collection
Ella has a complete dining package and is specifically made to be a pool table dining table
Ella 8 Ft Pool Table Dining Collection

For more information on how to choose your pool table dining table, feel free to give us a call or stop in at the showroom for a closer look at the details and options that are available to you.


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