Perfect Your Outdoor Space with an Awning

What Is an Awning?

An awning is a canvas stretched over a frame that serves as a cover from sunlight and rain. These covers have traditionally been used over storefronts; however, have been gaining popularity as a shaded feature over outdoor sitting and entertaining areas. Awnings attach to the outside of a home and can incorporate a motor, enabling them to retract when unused.

To better accommodate the differing needs of homeowners, awnings can come in a variety of dimensions–some projecting up to four metres.


What Purpose Do They Serve?

Enjoying your morning cup of coffee on your backyard patio is a great way to start the day. But what if excessive sunlight or rain prevents you from being in your backyard? After all, too much sun can be damaging to our skin.

Awnings act as a barrier from the sun and reduce exposure to unnecessary amounts of UV rays on our skin. This barrier helps to prevent larger issues like skin cancer. This feature allows you to enjoy the breeze on your skin and breathe fresh air while protecting you from the sun and rain.

Now, the sun’s powerful rays are not only damaging to us but also to our furniture. Leaving your patio furniture exposed to the sun can cause the colour to fade over time.


What Styles Are Available to Me?

Every element of your outdoor patio space should reflect your own personal tastes. Awnings come in numerous different styles, so you have something right for your space. Some options for awnings are:

Yes, awnings are full of functional purposes; however, they can also be a great architectural addition to a house. Not only are different styles an option, the canvas portions are often available in a variety of patterns and colours this feature is a positive architectural addition to your home.


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