How Many Bulbs Does My Billiards Lighting Fixture Need?

Lighting is an important component in billiards design. The cloth needs soft, even lighting rail-to-rail for players to accurately gauge their shots. For such an effect, the light must hang an appropriate distance from the table and shine sufficiently in all directions. This is achieved with multiple bulbs spanning the length of the table.

When buying billiards lights, you will discover four varieties: two bulbs, three bulbs, four bulbs and five bulbs.

  • Three-bulb fixtures are most common and can cover pool tables eight to nine feet in size;
  • Two-bulb fixtures suit tables seven to eight feet in length;
  • Two-bulb fixtures with large pots can cast light comparable to a four-bulb fixture, illuminating tables up to 11 feet;
  • Four-bulb fixtures work with tables from nine to 11 feet;
  • Five-bulb fixtures are reserved for tables 12 feet long.

The fixtures themselves come in various ornamentations. Of course, the shape of the pot will affect the light cast as well as the type of bulb used. When in doubt, ask the associate at your nearest billiards shop for a recommendation based on your billiards room and table.


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