The Different Types of Billiards Table Covers

A quality billiards table cover is an essential investment. It protects the table’s delicate cloth from spills, sunlight (discolouration) and dust (coarseness). For households with pets—particularly cats—a cover also prevents scratches and pulls from claws scraping along the top.

Billiards table covers come in a variety of sizes and materials. Some are tightly fitted while others loosely drape. Still, if you have an irregular table size you may need to custom order a cover. That said, it largely comes down to preference.

Some materials do present distinct advantages over others.

Leather Tabletop COvers

For example, leather trumps vinyl regarding durability. Well-maintained leather can last decades—it only gets softer with time. Leather also breathes easier, allowing the table to regulate its internal temperature better. That said, you’ll save money going with a vinyl cover.

Wooden Tabletop Covers

Converting billiards tables into dining tables has become a trend lately. It appeals to space-conscious people who want to balance function and recreation in their homes.

When picking a conversion cover, it’s important to consider where the hinges are located. Those that fold is easy to assemble but have seams that allow spills to seep onto the table. One-piece covers offer supreme protection; however, they cost more and take up extra space in storage.


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