Month: August 2018

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

Walking into a patio furniture store can feel overwhelming. With all the styles and budgets to choose from, it’s hard to find the right mix of function and aesthetic. Thankfully, there are ways to narrow down the selection and identify furniture right for your home. The first

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Why You Need a Portable Barbecue in Your Life

Barbecuing is an awesome addition to a meal. Not only does it allow you to add excellent flavouring to your food, but it creates a space for people to gather around as food is cooked and served for the meal. Barbecuing is a hub for

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Four Things You Should Never Do to Your Hot Tub!

Hot tubs are great ways to unwind after a long day and with the right care they can be used throughout the entire year; however, poor maintenance can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your home spa. Here are four things you definitely shouldn’t be doing

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