If you’d like to bring your own pool cue (or several) to a bar or billiards hall, you’ll need to protect it with a durable case. Just as cues come in different weights and lengths, you can buy cases in various sizes. Some fit only a single cue while others accommodate more. Likewise, some will hold additional shafts and accessories.

Pool cues come in various sizes and materials, making it difficult to settle upon just one for causal gameplay. But only a few factors differentiate one cue’s handling over another. The length and weight variants affect playability most, but density and grip also play a role

Cue and ball racks make an excellent addition to any billiards room. They are both decorative and functional—most come beautifully finished and can reduce the clutter around your table. When shopping for a rack, you will find two varieties: stand-alone and wall-mounted. The stand-alone units take up more floor space, but they are easy to move and require little installation or setup. Floor models are usually the most simplistic and thus contain fewer add-ons.