Why is My Spa Water Becoming Cloudy

Why Is My Spa Water Becoming Cloudy?

Problems with Your Pump

Proper filtration is essential to maintaining clean, clear spa water. So, if your water is losing clarity, you may need to increase the run-time of your pump to increase the filtration of the water. It’s also important to check for potential failures in your pumps functionality. If the pump’s impeller is broken or clogged, which can be caused by leaves or hair getting trapped in it, the filtration and movement of your hot tub’s water will be greatly impeded if not stopped entirely.

Low Levels of Spa Sanitizer

If your spa has low levels of sanitizer such as bromine and chlorine, this could allow for bacteria to accumulate faster than they are being neutralized by the sanitizer. Accurate sanitizer levels should destroy bacteria that can cause cloudy water.

Accumulation of Lotions, Cosmetics and Hair Products

Body products are a common culprit of hot tub contamination. If all users of the hot tub don’t shower prior to entering the tub, any oils and creams on your skin will enter your hot tub water and compromise its overall cleanliness.

Ensuring all hot tub users shower before entering the pool is a great way to cut down the amount of chemicals entering your hot tub.

High Calcium Hardness or Total Alkalinity

High calcium levels can prevent chemicals from properly breaking down in your hot tub. This can result in cloudy water. Also, check the pH levels to see if any balancing is required to maintain the appropriate chemical levels in your hot tub.


If you have explored the potential causes for cloudy water discussed above and the issue has still not been remedied, it may be time to consider draining and cleaning your hot tub.