When Is the Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub?



According to Jacuzzi, the most popular time of year to purchase an outdoor spa is the early spring. It leaves ample time to prepare for summer—a time suited for outdoor living. Conversely, purchasing a spa in the fall presents a sanctuary from the impending snow.

Arguments for or against hot tubs are possible year-round. So what other factors need weighing?


Have you prepared a space for your new hot tub? If not, plan for landscaping or construction. Furthermore, consider the environment you wish to cultivate around your spa. The spring offers mild temperatures and fecund yards.


The right time to buy a hot tub hinges on how you intend to use it. If it will serve as a winter getaway, then get one in the fall. If you like to host parties in the summer, then shop around in the spring. That said, you needn’t always be a season ahead.


Only you will know when you’re financially ready to buy a hot tub. Nevertheless, sales along the way might help you afford one sooner. Sometimes, the best time to buy is when the price is right.

More often than not, the New Year brings great cost reductions. As the fiscal year turns towards its end, businesses look to ramp up sales and sell off stock.

Real Estate

An outdoor spa is not a small investment. So you must assess your plans to move and how a new hot tub fits in. Calculate the cost of relocation and the effect of a spa on home value. Depending how far you look ahead, the right time might just reveal itself.

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