What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Spa

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Spa

A hot tub is a great addition to any home; however, without the proper research your new investment can add stress instead of taking it away. So, here’s what to consider before purchasing a spa for your home.


When finding the right spa for your home, first determine where it will be located on your property. You will need a stable surface with access to electrical outlets. It’s also important to purchase a hot tub that complements your outdoor space. The amount of available backyard space can limit how large your spa can be.

 What’s Its Purpose?

Prior to purchasing a home spa, decide what its main use will be. Will the hot tub be for individual or group use? The number of users you plan on having in your spa at once is a key factor in deciding how large it will need to be.

Hot tubs are also a great investment for those looking to treat physical ailments. The warm temperatures and motion provided by the jets can help sports related injuries to arthritis.


Now, before you get too excited about this addition to your outdoor space, create a realistic budget for how much you can spend on the hot tub. Make sure to consider both short and long-term costs. Short-term costs obviously include the cost of purchasing the spa itself and any work required to prepare the chosen space for its arrival (this can include installation of electrical outlets or proper flooring for the spa to sit on). The costs associated with regularly maintaining your hot tub are examples of the long-term expenses that you should expect to incur as a spa owner.