Spa Efficiency Standard

The Pool & Spa Association has been working for a while with the California Energy Commission in developing a label which will show energy use for all hot tubs sold in California.  This will be similar to the labels currently in use for cars and appliances.  Although it is a California initiative we will all be able to take advantage of the information.

Standards have been worked out so that the label on each hot tub will show energy use under the same standards. Energy use will be for standby mode (when the hot tub is not being used) under the same conditions (outside temperature, energy costs etc.)  In other words the costs will not be the costs for individual backyard use but the costs for comparison purposes only.

The program is still in its early stages and some problems need to be ironed out.  We can expect it to become law in California in 2016.  Some of the problems have been that manufacturers have not followed guidelines properly such as have testing done with non-standard covers, or testing just one model and applying these tests to all models and having special “test only” models made which are not hot tubs taken from their normal production.

The only hot tubs which will be required to fix the labels will be those sold in California. However all the top manufacturers sell in California so we will see these labels in Ontario as well.