How to Select Your Perfect Hot Tub

The average hot tub runs a little under $10,000. Besides the upfront investment, spas cost south of $100/month to maintain and power year-round.

Understandably, you’ll want ensure your money goes as far as it can. There are many different manufacturers and models on the market, so picking favourites can be tough. But fear not: with our help, you’ll know just what to look for.

Onboard Features

Not every spa comes equipped with the same features. Some are more bloated than others. That said, beware of add-ons, installation, and delivery charges. In particular, ask about spa covers and transport.

Regarding features, rank quality over quantity. For example, the more efficient the heater, the cheaper the spa will be to maintain. The longer it will live, too.

Of course, features align closely with price. Know the constraints of your budget and what it should (not can) fetch. Warranties fall into this category, too. Know how well protected your purchase will be and for how long.

Good Dealership

If possible, buy your hot tub from a certified dealership. Refrain from online and auction-style stores. The bargains may seem enticing, but the product rarely delivers as expected.

Physical spa shops offer customer support, recommending hot tub care products and practices. This will help immensely in the months that ensue your purchase.


Admittedly, how the hot tub looks will influence your decision. That said, where your hot tub sits can make a dramatic difference to its appearance. For this reason, plan where you want the hot tub to go in advance.

Measure accurately, considering the permanency of its location. For example, the landscape or desk space surrounding it. Locate electrical outputs, too, as you’ll need to power its jets and appliances.

When measuring the size of your hot tub, understand how far the square footage will go. In other words, the maximum capacity of the hot tub and the room for stairs or trim around it. The more you investigate such details, the better chance you have of stealing a deal!

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