How To Maintain Your Hot Tub

If you own a hot tub, you already know of its many benefits. All that’s left to learn is how to maintain your hot tub so it can continue to benefit you. Although hot tub maintenance may not be the easiest endeavor, it will ensure that your hot tub remains in good condition for a longer period of time. By following these few steps, you can ensure your hot tub longevity and a great experience with your hot tub.

Refinish Wood Surfaces

If you have an older hot tub or a new one with wood finishing, the most important thing to do to stretch your hot tub’s life is to refinish the wood surfaces once a year. Especially in places with varying temperatures and weather patterns, refinishing the wood is essential for protecting it from water damage. Make a quick trip to your home improvement store and get supplies to refinish all wood surfaces so that you have a protected and beautiful hot tub.

Clean The Filter

Every hot tub’s filter should be cleaned every three to four months. If buildup is not removed from the filter, your hot tub’s water will be unfiltered and dirty. It can also cause problems with the actual overall hot tub system. You can clean your filter by using a standard hose to spray it down. If this does not work however, you can purchase filter cleaning solutions.

Inspect Your Safety Cover

Your safety cover is an important element in maintaining your hot tub. Be sure that you inspect if monthly checking for wear and tear that may need to be addressed. Also be sure to wash it down once a month to maintain cleanliness in your hot tub.

Drain and Refill Appropriately

When to comes to draining and refilling, every hot tub is different. Be sure to read any directions that come with the unit and talk to your dealer to get the best information for your hot tub’s needs. While doing this, also be sure to balance out the chemicals properly for safe use.
Be sure you are using your hot tub safely. Don’t allow what may seem like minor slip ups in maintaining your hot tub turn into major damages in the future. Preserve your hot tub’s life by following the above tips and you’ll be enjoying your unit for years and years to come.

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