How to Drain Your Hot Tub

How to Drain Your Backyard Hot Tub

Experts recommend draining your hot tub every three to four months. A regular draining schedule limits your exposure to chemicals and makes maintenance much easier. If anything, you can drain more often if the hot tub is heavily used.

Before draining your spa, always power it down. As with any electrical device, failing to cut the power when dealing with water puts you in danger. Thus, you must not just turn off the spa, but also disconnect its power supply. At this time, you might also find it opportune to wipe down the cover and replace the filters. Doing so minimizes the transference of dirt and chemicals into the clean water.

Two Methods of Draining a Hot Tub

Submersible Sump Pump

The quickest way to drain a hot tub is with a submersible sump pump. With one, you can drain up to 2,000 gallons of water per hour. Simply, drop the pump into the tub, flick on its switch and wait as the water flows out.

Garden Hose

You can create a syphon with any garden hose if you do not have a sump pump available. That said, some hot tubs come with drain plugs that allow you to just leak the water out. Unless located at the bottom of the hot tub, the problem with drain plugs is that some water remains at the bottom.

The better method is to put a garden hose directly into the hot tub. Make sure that you connect the hose to a water supply to create a flow towards the tub. If you bend a kink in the hose then shut off the water, you can redirect that flow when you straighten it. So long as the tail end stays below the level of the hot tub, gravity takes care of the rest.

Where Should You Drain the Hot Tub?

Most bylaws prohibit draining hot tubs or pools into storm draining systems. Although homeowners choose to do so anyway, this introduces an array of chemicals into our rivers and water tables. Instead, municipalities ask that you drain directly in the wastewater drain connected to your home.