Fun, Easy-to-Do Hot Tub Exercises and Stretches

Fun, Easy-to-Do Hot Tub Exercises and Stretches

Water workouts are low impact. They can even be therapeutic for people with joint pain or injury. The water’s buoyancy resists muscles movements, making the hot tub suitable for cardiovascular activities. That said, you should never perform exercises in extreme heat. Before any workout, reduce the temperature of your spa below 102 degrees.

Hip Extensions

Stand straight in your hot tub, holding the wall for support. Lift one leg to the side, parting the water as you bring it towards the surface. Once extended, bring your leg back down beside the other. Repeat 10 or so times before moving onto the next leg. You can increase the resistance with a float weight on your ankle.


Grab a set of float weights and push them below the water. Bring your hands to your waist, extending your arms downwards. Next, curl your arms upward, bringing the weight to your upper chest. Then, push the weights back down to your side in a counter-movement. Repeat this motion 10 or times before resting.

Shoulder Rolls

Sit or kneel in the hot tub, immersing your chest underwater. Roll your shoulders forwards, using the water as resistance. After a few repetitions, reverse the motion and roll backwards. You may need to rest between sets.


Sit on the edge of the hot tub, holding the wall or rail for support. Flutter your feet under water, making a riptide in the spa. Perform this exercise in intervals of thirty seconds to one minute.


With your chest under water, push your arms in front of you and hold your hands together. Next, swing both arms out to your side, keeping them at shoulder level. Repeat this motion without pausing, mimicking the act of wading in or treading water.

Arm Circles

Starting with your arms at your side near should level, begin to move them in tight circles under the water. Experiment circling backwards and forwards and change the size of your circles between workouts. Like the last few exercises, focus on intervals rather than repetitions.

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