Can Salt Systems be Used in Hot Tubs?

We need first to understand what a salt water system is. The tub is filled with a weak solution of salt in combination with other chemicals. It is not strong enough to give the water a salty taste like you would experience in the ocean. Then a electronic device is incorporated in the hot tub which electrolyzes the water to break down the salt into chlorine and sodium (salt is Sodium Chloride). The chlorine is now used in exactly the same way as if you had added granular chlorine.

The advantage is that you do not need to keep adding chlorine. So if you forget the system will go on providing chlorine.

The disadvantage is that you must only produce exactly the right amount of chlorine. Too much chlorine is very aggressive and your hot tub equipment will be damaged. Many warranty programs have been cancelled because the homeowner used a salt system.

So each homeowner needs to decide himself or herself if this is the right program. In many cases the homeowner will be better off just adding granular chlorine.

In addition to a chlorine salt system a bromine salt system is also available. It works in exactly the same way. Come visit us in store to ask us your questions and learn more.