Can I Buy a Hot Tub Used?

Can I Buy a Hot Tub Used?

In an attempt to save money, you may consider realizing your hot tub dreams by purchasing a used hot tub; however, taking this avenue may not have the desired result. Here are some reasons that you may want to rethink purchasing a used hot tub.

Spa Quality

Unlike a house or car, hot tubs have a shorter lifespan–quality hot tubs will last approximately 15 years. A used hot tub can have wear and tear preventing the equipment from functioning optimally.

Reputable Seller

Unlike when you’re purchasing from a hot tub dealer, many used hot tubs are sold by other people looking for others interested in a home spa. In this scenario, it’s hard to guarantee that the individual has properly up kept the hot tub and performed the required maintenance on it.

If you still want to pursue the route of a used hot tub, try finding a dealer who sells them. Dealers have a reputation to sustain and are less likely to sell a poor quality unit. Also, consider buying from a close friend or family member you can trust. And prior to purchasing a used tub, remember to test it to confirm everything works (i.e., heater, jets, etc.)

Benefits of Purchasing a New Hot Tub


New hot tubs come with a warranty that covers the tub and any repairs that need to be done should something break during the warranty period.

Professional Delivery & Installation

Properly setting up your hot tub is extremely important. Any mishandling during the installation can damage your hot tub. At Canadian Home Leisure, we are proud to offer our customers professional delivery and installation.

More Selection

With used hot tubs, you’ll notice your selection is much more limited. This selection is likely to become even smaller once you’ve eliminated non-reputable sources. Entrusting your spa needs to a dealer opens you up to a wider selection and more updated models.