Benefits of Beachcomber Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Did you know that hot tubs are an ideal way to improve health and promote overall mental and physical wellness? It’s true! Beachcomber hot tubs can be used for hydrotherapy and act like a natural steroid for your body to sooth and relax drained or injured muscles. Hydrotherapy through Beachcomber hot tubs has also been proven to reduce stress and inflammation.

Who knew pain relief could be as easy as stepping into a hot tub?Here are some other ways that Beachcomber hot tubs can maintain and promote your healthy lifestyle.

Helps Heal Muscles
Hydrotherapy activated through warm water temperature and water motion will relax muscles and ease pain. Being in the water will also take the weight off of painful joints and heavy muscles, allowing them to loosen and de-stress.

Circulation Improvement
Warm water temperatures will raise your body temperature and allow for more blood circulation. When your body is warm, blood vessels are able to dilate which allows blood to have unrestricted flow throughout your body.

Improves Digestion
Digestion is when your body separates the good elements (nutrients) from the bad (waste) in your food. Your body will absorb the nutrients and deposit of the waste. Hydrotherapy through the jets in a Beachcomber hot tub gets your digestive system going and helps your body through this process, allowing it to adequately absorb the nutrients it needs.

Endorphin Stimulation
Massaging waters allows your body and brain to produce and release endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers and will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Aids Cells In Eliminating Waste
As your circulation improves through warm water, your cells are able to eliminate waste from your body more efficiently. This is done through dilation of blood vessels and activation of sweat glands—the site of waste removal. This cleans your bodily systems.

Boosts Immune System
Hot water allows for movement of lymph, which helps boost your immune system. This healthy movement and a stronger immune system makes fighting off sickness easier for your body

Hydrotherapy can be an extremely helpful method of promoting health and wellness but always be sure to check with your doctor before using hydrotherapy for lengthy periods of time. If you are interested in our Beachcomber hot tubs, visit our location on 1515 Hopkins St, Whitby to check out our wide selection of hot tubs for hydrotherapy. Callus at 905.430.9965 for more details.